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“My bike is from Sweden!”

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My Dad was supposed to have come on Monday evening.  On Tuesday morning we were to have a small birthday breakfast (a few weeks early) with Caleb and he would FINALLY get his promised, birthday bike.  Well, thanks to good ol’ ash cloud Dad couldn’t come.  Thank GOODNESS I hadn’t caved in to giving Caleb his bike before.  Because, believe me, I about gave it to him a hundred times before I said I would.  How can you resist those beautiful, brown eyes when they are so full of anticipation for the bike?  It’s almost impossible I tell you – almost.  Somehow I resisted and I’m glad I did.  The bike was a perfect way to get Caleb’s mind off from Grandpa not being able to come.  He was really upset that he wasn’t coming but I promised him the bike on Monday morning instead.  I’m not joking or exaggerating one bit when I say that my boy rode the bike for 7  – SEVEN – hours without hardly any breaks.  He stopped for 2 minutes to pee, another 2 minutes to grab a glass of water, another 3.5 minutes to shovel in some food, another pee break, more food, more water.  SEVEN HOURS PEOPLE.  Have you ever seen a little boy more enthralled with a bike before?  He’s still attached to it a few days later as if it’s his Siamese twin or something!

Today he told a boy at the park (who also had a bike) “My bike is from Sweden!  Which country does your bike come from?”  How hilarious and cute!

He has said over and over again just how thankful he is for the bike…how he “likes every part of the bike.”  He even gives the bike occasional kisses when he is feeling extra joyous about it.

Honestly… he is just so sweet I can barely handle it sometime.

Much thanks, though. to my friend in Sweden and her boyfriend who did a ton of work to get this bike paid for, picked up and put on the semi-truck from Sweden to Romania.  I am so thankful for you both!


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  1. Pauline Oksanen

    Hello Kelsey and Caleb!!

    Oh wow, that’s so cute! I miss you and Caleb very much and I really miss all cool things Caleb use to show me on his bike. 😀 I hope everything is good in Romania and I really miss everyhing and everyone there. Give my greetings to Caleb! God bless you!!

    Many hugs from Pauline in a cold Sweden! 😀

  2. Looks like a GREAT time Kelsey!! So glad it was an awesome experience for him (and you!)


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