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Last Week Catch-Up

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Hey, cut me some slack, I’m only a week off!

Last Week was a fun and full week as the kids had their Easter break.  The week events included Alex losing his first tooth and RENATA (AAGHGHGHGH YAYAYAYAY!) coming to play with us for a day.  If you remember, Renata was at Casa Alba and then was placed into a foster home.  We, or me, miss her BIG TIME!  I ran into her 2 weeks ago as her and her sisters were being taken care of for the day by some of my team members.  She snuggled up to me saying “Kelsey I missed you so much.”  Honestly, I’ve only seen her 1 time (at Christmas) since she moved this past summer to the foster family.  My team mates then said that she cried for me when she went to sleep that night….  Oh my gosh that tore my heart to pieces.  Renata will always hold a special place in my heart and it hurt too much to hear how sad she was that night…  So I called her foster Mom up a few days later and asked if she could spend the day with Caleb and I over the Easter break.  I got a thumbs up!  Gosh, I was PUMPED!  Alex happened to be with us for the day as well and both he and Caleb were beyond happy to spend the day with their friend whom they haven’t seen in so long.  I, on the other hand, went between crying and laughing as I loved being with her but knew that I couldn’t do this everyday…

And, possibly one of the cutest weekend moments ever.  Every Saturday my Dad sends a cartoon from YouTube for Caleb and Alex to watch.  I stuck the cartoon on last Saturday and then left to brush my teeth and get dressed.  When I came back I saw the photo that you’ll see below…oh my word SO CUTE!

Well, enjoy some of our joy from last week!


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