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Tuesday pick-me up

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Alright, need a Tuesday pick-me up?  Click on one or all of the links below to give your heart the equivalent of what your starbucks run does for your body!

Sermon on Prophecy and Healing that won’t weird you out :

Songs that our worship team at church has recently translated and I am lovin’ singing in Romanian :

(Note, when the words are in Romanian they have so much depth.  Not that the English, original, versions don’t but there is such an enfolding of God’s presence when we sing them in Romanian.  It’s like we are singing His Heart for Romania…) And yeah, we kind of rock it out at church 🙂

Nothing is Impossible : PlanetShakers

You Deserve : Hillsong

Perfect Love : Hillsong

Also, I’ve added a new recipe for brownies in the “Cooking for 30” section of this blog.  They were actually more along the lines of cake rather than brownies.  So instead of confusing the poor Swedish people I serve with that they were brownies I just called it cake.  Because, it honestly turned out like cake!  Enjoy them, they are low-fat!


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