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So my son was having a blast drawing on our dry erase board after breakfast some morning this week.  We normally use this board for school but I let him have a go at it, initially, because he was writing words.  Then he turned to drawing.  Following in the footsteps of my artist sister, Jessie, he came up with the following piece of art.

It began as a man in a shower.  Then he asked me how to spell “Kelsey.”  Which, he promptly added to the picture.  Hysterically laughing he told me that this was a picture of “Kelsey in the shower.”


The worship team at church just recently translated Nothing is Impossible.  You know what’s crazy?  I’m not sure I’m so excited about the English, original, wording.  But when it’s translated into Romanian the words are so much deeper.  I know it’s saying the same thing but it’s different.  Not sure how else to explain it.  Anyhow, the link I put there is a random one I found on YouTube last night as I was searching for the English version of the song.  The guy has an awesome voice for sure!  If you want to hear the original band’s version here is Planetshakers for you.

I’m heading into Budapest tomorrow morning bright and early with Courtney.  We are going to pick up our “other half” – our very dear friend, Shaunessy, who is coming to visit for two days on a layover from Uganda back to the States.



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  1. Betty Richter

    Kelsey! Great to read up on your latest doings.
    Bless you!


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