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My heart need a lift today.  It wasn’t that today was a bad day or that I was particularly struggling with anything.  Just more like I’m heading to lead worship for my team here in about a half hour and feeling like God’s presence is a little far away.  My heart needed something to lift it towards Him.  Otherwise, me going tonight would be so lame.  Leading and encouraging others in His presence when I feel so not like doing that?  Is this making sense?

Anyhow I did some Heidi Baker searching on YouTube.  (The relationship that her and her husband have with Jesus challenges my own in such a way that I am always moved after listening to them.)  Wondering if anyone had posted some new sermon clips.

I found these short two snipits and decided to share them with you as well.  God really used them to draw me close to Him through her simple statements.  Hope that you find them to be an encouragement as well!!

Father’s Heart

Eyes of Jesus


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