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I’m sorry everyone that I haven’t posted in a little over a week right now.  Life has gotten a bit more crazy than usual and will be sustained at this level until at least June.  I feel, in some ways, that I haven’t had time to adjust to the additional stuff and half of it hasn’t even arrived yet!  Trying to balance Caleb in all of this has been really difficult as well.  Please pray for me!

So, as the title says, BRB (Be Right Back).  I’ll try to BRB to posting next week.  Hopefully a few more days will help me get life back on track.  Now, if only a few days could fix the mold problem in my apartment.  I spent TWO STRAIGHT HOURS SPRAYING BLEACH this morning.  And, the funny part is (ha ha ha) I didn’t have time to spray all of the mold yet.

Caleb and I are just about to run out the door for a meeting with our social worker.  She’s going to walk me through every paper, appointment and step from start to finish with the adoption process.  It’ll keep me much more sane if I know what’s going on beforehand 🙂

After the meeting with her we’ll grab lunch at our team’s house and then I head to Popesti for the rest of the day for teenager groups.  Caleb will play with his friends and eat supper with them while I’m gone.

And, big news on the Caleb Birthday front. (Didn’t realize there was a Caleb Birthday front?  Well, there most definitely is! 🙂 )  I found him a second hand bike in Sweden.  A friend purchased it for me and is sending it on one of the trucks arriving from Sweden this week or next.  YAY!  It’s all he wants for his birthday and the bikes here are so poorly made and so expensive.  For the cheapest bike here I would pay $100 USD.  That’s for a brand no one has heard of as well.  Instead I found a second hand bike of a top Swedish brand for just 450 Swedish Crowns.  Just his size and only 20 steps away, literally, from my friend’s flat!  Of all places in the city where it was sold it just so happen to be my friend’s neighbor selling it.  God is so good!  I had no idea when I was searching on the Swedish second hand website that it would be so convenient for my friend to go and check it out and purchase it.  He knows he’s getting a bike and each day I tell him one more thing about how it looks.  He can’t contain his excitement!

Today’s clue about the bike : “It has 1 handbrake.”

He YELLED with JOY over that.  Honestly, he did.


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