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Mother’s Day Romanian Style

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Monday is Mother’s Day here.  Or, well, it’s Women’s Day.  Romanians just so happen to celebrate Mother’s Day at the same time.  This mean – drumroll please – Mother’s Day program at Caleb’s kindergarten!  YAY!  Or, if Caleb were giving his opinion on it then you’d hear other words describing this day.  He hates it.  I mean absolutely hated every bit of the preparation and execution.  In fact the look on his face throughout most of the program would probably fit in at an execution.  Although, I was keeping tabs during the program on how often he looked miserable.  I would say the look came considerably fewer times than last year!  Improvement!

In a way, I can’t blame him.  The class was required to learn no less than TEN SONGS WITH MULTIPLE STANZAS.  Want to know how this ended up?  All the kids mumbled through the verses as the two teachers sang them loud and clear.  Then about half the kids moved their mumble up a notch to an every other word clarity during the choruses.  In between each song the kids had to recite poems about Mothers.  The last song was my favorite – and the kids’ as well!  Hello POM POMS!

Up comes Caleb for his first poem recitation.  He keeps one hand in his pocket and leans onto one leg, making the entire class laugh (you can see them laughing in the background of the photo), and proceeds to say his poem in that stance.  Yup, he’s my son alright.  It was adorable and I snapped away with the camera instead of paying attention to the poem.

Memories people, memories!  After a few more songs he was up again and kept the comedy routine to a minimum that time round.  Then, he got bored.  I was bored, too.  There’s only so much you can take of sitting on your son’s school desk listening to song, poem, song, poem, song, poem.  Want to know what Caleb did to ease the boredom?  That’s right.  He found a hole in the crotch of his pants and started poking around.  Nope, I’m not joking.  Did I just about die laughing in the middle of a kid’s poem.  Yes, I just about did.  Did other Mother’s notice my son’s discovery?  Most definitely.  Did they almost die laughing as well?  I’m pretty sure the answer to that is yes.


Now, the only bummer part of the day was the fact that I was supposed to be at Alex’s program at 3:30pm and then run over for Caleb’s at 4pm.  At 3:50pm Alex’s STILL hadn’t started.  So I spent 20 minutes taking photos of Alex in his costume for his program and then went over to Caleb’s.  Some of my other team mates came to Alex’s and they stayed for his program.  But it did make me sad that Alex asked me later why I hadn’t stayed for his 😦  Poor little guy.  We need adoptions to open up so he can finally have a Mom and Dad!  Anyway, check out the costumes for Alex’s program.  Do they make you smile or WHAT?

The whole Mother’s Day vibe begins a few days before March 1st.  March 1st is a big day here in Romania.  All of the women and children receive “Martisorii” . I took Caleb and Alex down the street to where the vendors had them for sale.  We bought for some of the special girl friends in our lives!  They loved picking out their favorites.  They cost, most of them, under $1.  You can see them hanging up behind Caleb and Alex in this picture.

And, to just get you all caught up on our Mama/Caleb life…Caleb started drum lessons 3 weeks ago.  Here’s a photo from today’s lesson.  He LOVES drum lessons!

I think I’ll leave this post on that note.

Part of me wants to go into the craziness that this week was.   But I think I don’t often enough share just about life as Mama and Caleb.  So, this post will not go any further.  Okay?  Thanks for taking the time to read!  Happy Mother’s Day from Romania!


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  1. love the photos kels, looks like you guys are doing well… 🙂

  2. Kelsey,

    What a joy. I can remember all the hard work and boring times at my girls plays, shows, swim meets, et. al. But the times fly by and they grow into moms like you. Your photos brings back memories.

    I can’t describe how my heart softens to the guiding of the Holy Spirit just by listening and watching you and Caleb.

    Bless you both!


  3. Alex’ costume. If it makes me smile?! It makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! 🙂


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