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February goes out like a Lamb??

Okay, so I’m hoping that the rhyme isn’t going to continue getting mixed up from this point out.  We’re having fantastic weather just now and I’m praying that the rhyme will be this :

February goes out like a Lamb and March comes in like a Lamb and decides to just stay a Lamb and never involve the Lion at all.


Lions are so overrated.

So, life in Marghita.  Busy!

You know you have your weekly schedule, right?  And, most people, have a weekly schedule that’s really full.  The thing here is that literally on an almost daily basis there are things that pop up and truly need to be squeezed somewhere into that fullness.  There are so few people and so much to do.  I’ve been trying to get better about saying “No” but I can’t control the way my heart feels for everything even if I did actually say “No.”  Does that make sense?  Sometimes I wonder how Jesus did things.  The Bible doesn’t really focus on how many people He walked past everyday that He never spoke to or interacted with.  It’s kind of a weighty topic to consider actually.  How to say “No”.  A lot of people haven’t learned how to say “Yes” yet in their lives and here I am trying to figure out how to get my heart at peace with the times when I have to say “No.”

I spent a good portion of the extra -stuff- that- needs- to- be- squeezed- in- time the past 2 weeks with a young woman from a nearby gypsy village.  One of my team members has had a long-term relationship with her and her sister and helps her with various things.  But when this team member leaves then I am the one this woman calls.  I actually enjoy it because it takes me into a different part of Romanian life that I don’t normally work with.  She’s so poor this girl.  In an extremely abusive marriage and the entire family situation is so complicated, and abusive.  Trying to figure out who the heck is telling the truth seems impossible at times!  But, one thing that is true is their poverty.  I had to help this woman with some medical appointments and prescription filling.  The way she is treated because of her ethnic background and economic level is extremely discouraging and sad.  I’m thankful I was able to be with her at these appointments and defend her right to the treatment we were requesting.  I was also able to take some of the donated soup from the foundation to her so that she can have food to take with the medicine she received 3X/day.  And, I paid off her grocery debt.  Why did I do that?  I can’t necessarily give an answer for that.  I was trying to communicate with my team member who was gone through e-mail to see if the stories I was being told were true or not about the bill.  Couldn’t get a hold of her so I asked God to just lead my decision.  And so, I paid for it.  Normally I have bought her food so that we know the bill being paid wasn’t for alcohol and cigarettes.  I have no idea with this bill.  Should I have done it?  I don’t know.  I needed to make a decision that week though and I just went for it.  I honestly do not know how she would have paid that off at all.  It was almost an entire month’s salary in debt at the store (racked up for over 3 months).  She doesn’t work and is often very ill and her husband has sporadic work in other countries as he finds it.  It’s so hard sometimes to know what to do and not to do.  Maybe I shouldn’t have paid the bill but you know what?  I could be her.  You could be her.  When speaking about this situation with someone here they said “Yeah, we’re the lucky ones to be born where we were.”  I don’t agree with that.  It was God’s Sovereignty that had me be born where I was, and this woman where she is.  I cannot understand His choice but I am humbled and have reverent respect for His decisions.  I know people who would think that what I did was stupid.  The thing is, I asked God to lead my decision and this is what I had peace about doing.  He loves her so much and maybe He wanted to show that to her again through this provision of the grocery bill.

Through our time together I was able to share with her about God’s love and plans for her, her husband and her daughter.  She was extremely stressed out and crying one day and so I just hugged her and told her these things over and over again.  It calmed her down and I was so thankful that the Name of Jesus holds such power!

I’m trying to think…what else has been going on?  Oh, we celebrated birthdays at the orphanage this week!  We try to do these once a month for all the children who had birthdays that month.  The kids loved filling and decorating their cakes – it was awesome!

Just realized…I haven’t uploaded my camera’s photos in awhile.  I’ll try to get to that soon so that this blog has a little more color 🙂

Click on “Cooking for 30” (tab up in the right hand corner) as I’ve added my Mom’s famous Peanut Butter Pie recipe!!


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