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Cooking Inspiration for the Weekend!

Alright, February blues hitting you?  Check out my recent additions to “Cooking for 30” to get some weekend inspiration!

Also, here are some photos from the past two weeks.

*Yup, it started snowing and I started up the grill on our outdoor balcony.   Marshmallow roasting after the chicken cooked rocked!

*After washing the dishes last weekend I found Caleb and Alex snuggled together reading in Alex’s bed…too cute!

*I finally had time to stuff the Pinata that Caleb and I made for New Year’s Day.  Yeah, I’m a bit late on that whole deal.  Yikes!  He especially loved the sunglasses he got. (Thanks, Mom!)  This entire week he has walked around calling himself a snowboarder.  And, it’s true, he looked like one!  Snowpants, winter jacket, boots, gloves, hat and sunglasses….  He goes “snowboarding” you know.  There’s a rock pile behind our team’s house.  It’s a perfect little hill when covered in snow.  Caleb stands up on the sled and “snowboards” down.  I love watching his joy as he does this!


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