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Some changes!

Alrighty, a few changes to have you take note of in regards to this here blog!

1. I’ve added a new tab above…see that little piece of awesome-ness?  Hmmmm?  That’s right!  I’m putting up the recipes that I’ve tried with cooking for my team.  This will be updated weekly and I’ll alert you to when I have done so here on this main page.  Hope that it inspires your own cooking at home!  This week’s recipe is for dinner rolls.  Check it out by clicking on “Cooking for 30” above.

2. I’ve made some changes to the finance tab above as well.  Even a few bucks can start chipping away at the adoption financial needs!  Thanks for considering this . . .

Last week we headed to group time with the kids at the orphanage and realized that we didn’t have the key to our room with us.  I’m thankful though for how it turned out actually.  Instead of doing group we headed into the dormitories and just spent time with the kids.  Lots and lots of hugs and laughs were shared.  Relationships that can’t form so easily in a group-time environment were deepened.  For this, I am thankful and for this, I am joyful.  Walking up through the floors through clouds of cigarette smoke, swearing, yelling and hitting can sometimes make you want to turn around and leave.  But the image of God’s presence entering in through all of that with us makes me want to charge in and go to battle.  So, that’s just what we did!  I think out of all the children the young boys are the ones that my heart has most been connected to.  They and two very special needs 20-something girls.  Talking about 7 kids total.  Even when they throw hard packed snowballs straight in my face as I leave (literally) I still love them.  And, I have to say this especially about the snowball incident.  It hurt, I’m not going to lie.  The boy who did it ran away from me because he was scared that I was going to (______________) (public blog) because he had done it.  I patiently and quietly called him to come to me so we could talk.  He finally let me approach him stating over and over again what he thought I was going to do to him if he let me get close enough.  I started laughing and said “_______! I would never ___________, ever!”  I said, “I have to be honest.  It really hurt me.  And, I’m so bummed because I wanted to have a snowball fight with you but now I’m not feeling up to it.  It doesn’t make me mad that you threw a snowball at me.  It just makes me sad because you threw it in my face.  Would you enjoy someone doing that to you?  (He answered “No.”)  Right, so I didn’t enjoy it.  That means that I don’t feel like having a snowball fight now with you.  But maybe next week, okay?

He asked me for forgiveness and after a hug he ran away with a smile on his face.

It’s the little victories…  Thank you, all of you, you have made it possible for me to be here for moments like this one.


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