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Caleb’s Song

A couple times per week Caleb will make up his own songs. It usually happens when he’s off in his room in the world o’ hotwheels playing by himself. I’ll be doing whatever around the house and then I’ll hear, for example last Friday’s song, this :

You know all my plans
And all Yours
You are God
No one like You
Jesus is my Savior
He loves the entire world
Jesus is my Savior
And I love You, Jesus
I know You are my Savior
You have good plans
I know You are next to me
You are next to anyone
He loves me for a day
and even more
Because He’s mine
My Savior
Jesus my Savior

Whew. Just even typing out the words now from the envelope that I furiously scribbled down the words on as I heard him sing them…it moves my heart. Hello, did a FIVE YEAR OLD just make up this song? God, what are the plans that you have for this little one? Whew.
I’ve never been able to get to a scrap of paper fast enough before to write down the words of one of his songs. I think I tell myself that I’ll “always remember it.” Not true. I told myself that countless times when he was a baby about different milestones he reached. And now, although I remember them happening I can’t for the life of me remember exactly WHEN. Yeesh, Kels. Should’ve written them down when they happened!
I’m so thankful I was able to catch this song.

Even in a 5 year old the Spirit cries from within him to His Jesus in Heaven. I pray and pray that Caleb will continue to grow in His love for Jesus as He grows. That he will, as an adult, choose God’s plans for his life than his own. I pray this – everyday for him. But, I do know that it will be Caleb’s choice to do just that, choose. So, for now, I pray and treasure these worship times that he has with his God! Although, I think God by far treasures them even more 🙂


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