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Global Refuge International was started, and is currently run-led by, very close friends of mine. I can personally attest for the fact that when you give a financial donation you are giving 100% to the relief work that they coordinate. Just outside of the capitol city of Haiti are 42 pastors and their rural churches. Global Refuge is hoping to begin medicine, food and water distribution through these pastors.
I know there are many organizations that are requesting you to help Haiti by giving through them. All I can say is that if you give $10 (or more) to GRI that it is almost the same as you heading down to Haiti yourself to personally hand out the water and food. I also appreciate that they are trying to work within the Christian community in the area to help meet the overwhelming needs and destruction. Pray that these pastors would be encouraged and strengthened as their leadership and faith are, as I can only imagine, being exceedingly tested. Pray that GRI can form good relationships with them and that God would multiply their relief efforts in a miraculous way…as the provide Hope in Christ along with the food, medicine and water.
(Choose “Haiti Relief” in the Donation Category Drop-Down Box)


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