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Craciun Fericit!

Merry Christmas!

The freezing temperatures and nicely piled up snow went “la revedere” as the temperature changed to dramatically warm and the rain started pouring down.  Been about three days like this now.  Low 60’s for Christmas Day?  That is not a problem for me!  (Although I do have two little boys who would have loved to have gone sledding today… instead we took a walk around town for a couple of hours, seeing who could jump the best over each puddle!)

Christmas Eve I headed over to our team’s house with Caleb and Alex.  I stuck the brined turkey in the oven, helped peel some potatoes, finished the Butternut Squash Bisque and pulled the tables together/decorated.  At 1:30pm the 13 of us who remained here in Marghita for Christmas sat down to eat together.  We also had Swedish Christmas Ham and Swedish Meatballs (both an absolute MUST for a Swedish person at Christmas), Swedish Bread, Blueberry Butter, Swedish Cheese, Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Veggies.  It was a really lovely time all of us eating together and our super energetic boys handled the sit-down part 🙂 pretty well!!  And, on a side note, on a possibly quite prideful side note…I pretty much rock at making turkey.  Sorry, sorry…just had to tell you all that.

Once dinner and dessert were over I headed home with Caleb and Alex for…drumroll please…gift opening time!  I put all of the presents under the tree starting this past Sunday evening.  So, they both knew which ones were theirs in advance and we didn’t have any sleepless nights and/or waking up at 4am in excited anticipation for what would be left under the tree.  Worked out pretty well I think!  We logged onto Skype with family and they watched and interacted with Caleb and Alex as they opened their gifts.  It was really special that my sisters and their husbands were there so they could watch Caleb’s reactions as he saw what they had sent him.  Neither he, nor they, were disappointed…so fun.

This morning a shoebox full of goodies and stockings were put under the tree for Alex and Caleb.  I did eventually put my stocking under the tree as well because my parents did send me one small item with instructions for Caleb to put it in my stocking.  He snuck it into my stocking on Tuesday so I thought it gave my stocking enough credit to be placed under the tree as well…ha ha ha.  My stocking needs some support anyhow…it was so used to being with so many more when I was growing up!  On a side note, doesn’t my stocking and Caleb’s rock?  My Dad’s Mom made them for all of us when we were growing up.  Now, my sister Arwen and my Dad make them for each added family member.  Each husband/wife has gotten one, as well as baby Dax!  I’m so thankful they have the patience to continue this extremely tedious, beautiful Winters family tradition…because while I want the tradition to keep going there is no way on this side of the Atlantic Ocean that I could ever make one myself!

I put a twist on the “Egg in a Hole” recipe from one of my most favorite gifts this year….Pioneer Woman cookbook (thanks Mom and Dad)….for breakfast.  Instead of using plain bread I made up French Toast, with pumpkin pie spice in it and used that bread for “Egg in a Hole.”  Caleb and Alex loved it!  We had some friends over for a very yummy lunch, had a birthday party for Jesus and then took a very long walk around town.  Heck, you would’ve too if it was warm enough for you to walk outside without a coat on today!  I just don’t enjoy cold…I do most definitely enjoy temperatures in the 60’s on Christmas Day!!  HECK YEAH!

Alrighty, well here are some pictures from last night and today.  I hope that your Christmas Celebrations was as peaceful and joyful as ours was.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(Note, there are quite a few more pictures of Alex…that’s because my very good friends, who love Alex so very much, weren’t able to see him open his gifts on Skype and so I’ve put some extras in for them to see!)  Click below to see all of them.  Note, my top two are Caleb and Alex hugging (can’t believe I caught that on camera!) over their Spiderman memory game they received as a joint gift…and Caleb using his “Silly Straw” glasses with his milk at supper tonight.  (Found those at the Cracker Barrel in October and immediately bought them knowing my very silly son would love those as a stocking stuffer!)


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  1. elaine mcgonigle

    Hi Kelsey,
    It looks as if you all have had a fab time and you deserve it! Have just spoken to Ali on skype and reminded her that we have truck load of stuff to come over to Romania – including some pressies for mom Kelsey! So a second celebration will be needed mid January. Thank you for looking after our girl – big hugs to you all!
    Elaine x


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