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The War with Mold

I want to begin this post by saying 2 things.

1. You chose to read this post in an effort to somehow grasp a more clearer picture of what daily life in Marghita looks like.  What I am posting about is literally a part of my daily life here.  Although it doesn’t involve orphans …

2. I am SO GRATEFUL for the amazing, miracle of an apartment that God suddenly brought into me and Caleb’s life almost 2 years ago.  It’s a gift, it honestly is.  This post is not to be interpreted as me complaining in anyway, shape or form about this apartment.  Because, if I ever did that, almost every single member of my team here would probably beat me up tomorrow.  And, that would probably hurt and I’d rather just avoid that if at all possible 🙂

On to the post.


In Romanian : Mucegai

The roof of my apartment building is in bad need of replacing.  My pleas to my neighbors to begin this process has not gone unnoticed but they want to hold off until Spring of 2011 to do it.  Yeesh.  2011?  One side of the apartment is particularly bad with the mold.  The wetness from a bad roof has seeped into the concrete walls and in 3 rooms (all on the same side of the apt.) you can see a 6 inch wet strip the entire length of each wall of each room.  And, there begins the mold.  It’s disgusting.  This year the problem is much worse than last.  My Dad, thankfully, last December told me how to spray bleach and it’s gone within a few minutes.  Woohoo!  Problem solved…that is, until 3 days later when it starts appearing in little spots that connect with each other and…

This is just one small section from my bedroom ceiling.  And, this photo does not do the mold justice.  Sorry, mold, you actually are much more disgusting looking in person!  The mold in my room covers the length of this wall and then at the corner travels all the way down to the floor.  Which, I just realized a few days ago when the shadows of my lamp hit the dark green wall in such a way that I finally understood why I went to sleep every night smelling an awful mildew smell.  I know, it’s gross.

So, in light of the mold I have become quite close friends with an empty spray bottle that I continually refill with bleach…Ah, the daily life in Marghita.  I bleached all of the mold growing down the wall behind the Christmas tree first this week so that the mold wouldn’t be bigger than the tree in the family Christmas photo backdrop that, hopefully, I’ll be able to get of Caleb and I soon : )


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