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60 Degree December…

Well, until last night that is!

Sorry for the lack of posting.  Here’s the quick run down of life since Thanksgiving.

1. We’ve had to stop doing groups at Popesti Orphanage until the 1st week of January.  During the holiday and summer breaks all of the teenagers from the State Orphanages in Oradea (those who grew up in Popesti Orphanage) come back “home”.  When all of them are there the groups become extremely difficult to do – something the team that has worked with these kids over the years has found out.  Instead of groups we will be going and doing hang out times instead.  Since I work with the youngest children there and hanging out in their room to talk for a few hours isn’t usually up their boat, unlike the teens, I am spending lots and lots of  time in the Donation Warehouse.  We fondly call it “The Depot.”  Monday morning I helped unload 2 semi-trucks full of Christmas donations.  Yesterday and today were all morning, afternoon and some evening as well – all in the depot.  My arm muscles are killing me!  I’m not used to carrying around heavy boxes : )

2. Last week I was able to drive a van PACKED full of tortilla chips, clothes and canned rice pudding from our Depot to my friend in Oradea.  She has an amazing ministry in a gypsy village and said she could use our oversupply of the chips and rice pudding.  I think we gave her, literally, 1000 bags of chips.  (We received about 4000 bags total.)  A block from her house the tire blew out on the huge white van I was driving.  Thankfully Rachel’s team member was able to change that tire.  It took him over 2 hours – it was that difficult.  It was a long night (Caleb was with us, and my friend had also brought her son, and another one of my team mates came as well) and we didn’t get back to Marghita until 11pm.  Uggghhh.  Still though, it was kind of fun standing in the middle of the city of Oradea (where my friend lives) directing traffic away from the van so that the tire could be changed without squashing the guy fixing it!

3. Mos Miklos came on Sunday, the 6th of December.  Alex and Caleb carefully chose the shoes they wanted him to fill and set them out by the door.  Caleb knows that Mos Miklos is Mommy but Alex doesn’t so it was fun on both sides of the story this year!

4. Caleb, Alex and I put up our little tree.  Well, Alex was there for part of it.  He’ll also be decorating a tree at the boys’ house, where he stays during the week.  Caleb has a few ornaments with his name on it and he loved hanging them up.  Thankfully, he has finally stopped pulling the sled off the tree every morning, noon and night to play with it.  Every time he grabbed it off the tree I thought the tree would topple over.  I finally gave him an ulitmatum saying that the Caleb ornaments would disappear if he could stop taking them off : )  Now that we have added, since the picture below, a load of Romanian candy to the tree (traditional Romanian tree decoration) it’s hard to see where all of the ornaments are and there have been no toppling over almosts since.

5. I’m really trying to focus on advent with Caleb this year.  Last week – no problem.  Each morning at breakfast we lit the promise/prophet candle, read a section of scripture that was a prophesy about Jesus, talked about it, learned Isaiah 6:9 and then Mommy made a promise to Caleb each day…something to do for Christmas each day.  It was awesome, really.  This week – oh my WORD – I am the lamest advent mother ever.  We haven’t lit the advent candles at all – and it’s Thursday night.  I’ve been rushing us out of the house about an hour earlier than normal each morning because the Depot was calling my name.  Tomorrow, though, we ARE going to start candle number two.  Maybe 5 days too late but I’m not going to give up.  By the way, Caleb saying Isaiah 6:9 is probably one of the rock my face off moments of my life…

6. Christmas cookie craziness has started at our apt.  On Sunday night Caleb and I did sugar cookie trees and then I shoved them in the freezer.  This Saturday I’m going to make 2 or 3 more kinds of cookies so that on Sunday I can hand out to our friends at church.  Then, Monday night our team is celebrating Christmas and we are to each bring some Christmas goodies of some sort.  So, I’ll take the remaining cookies over there.  We got a load of canned raspberries donated, that’s way out of the ordinary, and when I say a LOT  I mean we got A LOT.  So I was allowed to take a few jars so that I can make this raspberry filled biscotti recipe I found.  I’ll add a chocolate something or other to that, “maybe” a bar recipe and then the tree sugar cookies.  It’ll be a good line – up, I think!

7. I have to cook for our team tomorrow – for 2 days!  That means this post needs to end and I need to get to bed : )

Spaghetti and Baked Potato Soup.  Not together.  One meal to be eaten tomorrow and one for Sunday!


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