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Ziua Multumirii (Thanksgiving Day)

Thanksgiving Day had a long to-do list this year.  Most of it got done in time for our 2pm sharp (orrr, maybe it started at 2:30, sorry everyone!) meal.  What didn’t get finished, although was started with very good intentions, was the video diary of Kels throughout the day for all of you.  I thought it would be fun for you guys to see what cooking Thanksgiving Dinner looks like in Marghita, looks like when cooking for 35 and what our team’s house actually looks like itself.  Part one got recorded and then I was so busy I completely forgot until I was way too delirious last night to do anything about it.  Yikes, sorry!  It WAS a great day actually.   The first photo I’m showing you is only because Caleb honestly took that  photo all by himself.  It was the first time, from what I remember, that I have ever let him use my camera and, on top of that, by himself.  I told him which button to push and to push it when he saw Mama in the screen.  He did a really good job, I think!   The next is a photo of Caleb and I from the early afternoon…  I sure love the hats my friend’s mom sent to her!







A fun excerpt from the morning…Caleb was playing outside while I was in the kitchen.  I went out to find him to ask him if he’d like to do sugar cookies with me.  He was just next to the door and he looked up at me with this most beautiful smile.  Then, he began whispering (literally whispering) and asked me if he could tell me a secret.  Agreeing to, he shared with me in whispers about how he had just been singing a song to Jesus that he made up himself.  I asked him, in whispers, if he could sing it again for me.  And, he did.  It went something like this :

Jesus, You’re the greatest.

Jesus, I love You

Jesus, You’ll never leave me

Jesus, You’ll always be with me

It moved me…oh my word.  I just wanted to cry and cry and cry over how the Lord is speaking to my son and how He is growing His love inside of Him daily…


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  1. How did it go Thanksgiving Day in Romania? Do they celebrate this day or something similar? I was searching for this when I came across this blog. Thanks!

  2. Hey Kelsey,
    Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving. Thanks for the update. Will try and get to some more of them as time permits.


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