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Speed, I am Speed

Any of you with a younger child will know who says that line : Lightening McQueen.  In fact, if you live with the child that line will most likely become part of your everyday vocabulary!

So this post isn’t about the movie “Cars” at all.  It’s just that God…He’s is speed.  He can move fast, REALLY fast.  Sometimes God’s timing doesn’t work out to be this.  For instance, I have been trying for 5 years to adopt Caleb.  It will take another year and a half from now until, I hope, that is finished.  So speed?  Nah, not in that case.

But when I send out an e-mail with my latest update last night, part of that update speaking about financial needs (which you can read about by clicking on the appropriate tab above, rjght), and I check my e-mail this morning and see that someone wants to cover all of the lights on my car that need new bulbs.  Then I think, speed.  The “I AM” is speed.

Praise God!  SERIOUSLY.  Praise God!  My car is even praising God right now I’m pretty sure!

A few more praises for today.  Maybe you can have your own little praise party after reading this.  It does us all some good…sitting down for a few minutes and thinking of all the ways God has revealed Himself to you today.  Know what a mean?  Give it a go.

So, onto the additional praises.

1. Our schedule for ministry at the Popesti orphanage is now set from now through the end of December.  Whew.  That feels good.  It was a lot to plan.  Who goes to which Christmas party, who comes for seperate group activities during the school break, who comes on 1 on 1 visits on Saturdays and what activity do we do with them…  It may not seem difficult but every child has very specific behavioral and emotional issues that you literally have to consider how the child will react to a big group or small, the environment of the activity, which activities, how long of a visit etc…  So that each child can be given special outings and special Christmas memories that work with how they are as a person.  We are focusing on forgiveness with the teenager groups on Thursday afternoons and the Creation story with the younger kids groups on Wednesdays. 

2. Two new albums came out yesterday.  Phil Wickham and One Republic.  I haven’t purchased them, no.  Would I like to?  Yes.  But I haven’t.  A few more things are in importance (see tab to the upper right) before purchasing these albums on iTunes.  I will admit that just knowing they are finally out makes me SO EXCITED.  I’ve been waiting – very patiently!

3. My older brother might be able to come for a visit a week before Christmas.  Please pray with me that this can work out! 

4. Nicoleta moved to Casa Silvia yesterday and was SO HAPPY to finally be able to move in.  She was all smiles and laughter the entire day leading up to her official “welcome in” party that the children/staff of Casa Silvia and “us” had for her. 

5. My boss, Barbro, is cooking today and made homemade bread.  Yes, this is a Praise.  Don’t diss my praises.  You have never tried Barbro’s bread, well most of you at least.  If you knew what that entailed then you would know how much of a blessing lunch will be for our team today!


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