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it IS possible…

for me to have all of my dishes washed, and the sink to be empty.  And, yes, I DO have some pretty mad stacking skills!  Note, they are ALSO ALL now put away in their proper spots in my kitchen’s drawers and cupboards.  Although, that isn’t shown in the pictures.    Last weekend we took the kids to a movie in Oradea.  It was Caleb’s first movie and it was also in 3D, so a first for Mama as well!  The picture is from after the movie in the mall in Oradea, where the cinema is located.  Sunday, after church, we headed to a former Casa Alba staff worker’s home in a small village outside of Marghita.  She was making Zucusca over the fire when we arrived…yummmm….






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  1. Holy cow! You have some seriously, unbelievable mad stacking skills!!! That looks like a cartoon, I was expecting it to start tipping precariously from side to side!

    This reminds me that I need to check your blog more often – I could use the laughs!


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