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Residency : Take 4.32 Thousand

Honestly, it feels like that sometimes.  I mean, if we began counting back through the years with each attempt at Residency…it just “might” add up to 4.32 thousand times.

Yesterday Courtney and I headed in again to try and apply for permanent residency.  We had all of our papers in order and the woman who we work with said “bun” (good) many times over as she checked each of our files.  But then she noticed that our first visa was issued towards the end of November in 2004.  Technically we are 2 months away from our official “5 year” mark.  Meaning, that she didn’t let us apply yesterday.  She said for us to come back at the end of October so that no one can do anything BUT grant us residency.  I understand her reasoning and am totally fine with it.  What slightly – ever so slightly – frustrates me about the situation is that each and every time that I, or anyone else for that matter, has gone in to meet with this woman she has told them a different story.  For instance, Courtney went in last spring and this same woman, who told us 2 months before was too early to apply, told her that she could apply SIX months early no problem.  I kind of laughed a bit inside when she said we couldn’t apply yesterday.  Kind of like, well ma’am at least you are consistent in never saying the same thing : )  Regardless, one more month more after 4 1/2 years of trying isn’t a big deal at all.  I’m at peace with the situation and know that God’s hand has been in this and in control from the moment I laid eyes on this precious little boy . . .


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  1. What a great attitude & outlook Kelsey. God is in control and has been since the beginning… and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We will keep praying for both of you.

    scott & debbie

  2. OK from long distance and totally & emotionally removed, I say….Hey the rule of law is 5 years and when you finally apply it will be that (or maybe a smigen early if it happens next month). What happens to many of us is living in expectation. “Expectation can be premeditated resentment”. Therefore I choose to live in expectancy. Expectation assumes a bit of control on my part and is narrowly described by my own mind while expectation is wide open to the blowing wind of the Holy Spirit. Remember that I told you the God allows with His wisdom what HE could easily prevent with His power. So blow Holy Spirit and I will live expectantly in your always faithful Light. My favorite Name for God continues to be Rev 19:11, “Faithful and True” Love ya O daughter of Faith,
    Papa Jack

  3. Carol Rothenflue

    Hey Kelsey,
    Well, all I can say is : you have amazing stamina that God seems to provide each and every time. WE prayed yesterday here at the office for all of this to be finalized so that you can proceed with the adoption. We’ll just keep praying and believing that all of this is in God’s perfect timing (not yours or ours for sure!!) We love you and are so looking forward to you being here a couple of days. Love ya, Carol

  4. Maybe we can help give you a slight break when we are there. Any items you want us to bring from the US? Food, etc?

  5. Your witness has been such an encouragement for me right now. With all the uncertainity…..We as Christian are just asked to stand firm and trust… is much more simple then trying to figure out…..I have to stop myself from trying to figure out if I will have a job in the near future….my company (Wyeth) has been bought by another company,
    Please know that you have reminded me…..Who is in charge….


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