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Please pray…help!

Okay, here’s the deal everyone.  I am asking you to pray with and for me…please.  Yesterday I pulled out all of the documents that I need to re-apply for residency (hopefully the 1st of october.)  I’ve been saving them carefully since February because all of the documents are still valid (date-wise) so I won’t need to re-do them.  But still, I wanted to get a head start of checking them over etc…  Praise God that I did because THEY ARE ALL MISSING.  The folder that I put them in has copies of the originals but the ORIGINALS ARE GONE.  They were in a seperate folder in the binder that I put them in and that binder isn’t there anymore.  I just wanted to cry, I mean COME ON.  Of course, right, after 4 and a half years of trying to get residency I finally CAN and now my papers are missing.  I didn’t have time to search further because I had to run to an overnight shift at Casa Alba.  When that ended this morning Alex came home with Caleb and I so my mind has been a little occupied.  But, I think, that’s created even more stress because I don’t have the time to look and the chance that they might really be lost for good is just…oh…yeah, i’m freakin’ out a little bit.  Would you please, please pray that I would find these documents?  Many of you know the battle with this process since 2004…  I am so grateful to know that you are by my side fighting through prayer; I couldn’t continue on without you.  much love.


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  1. Heidi Fitzgibbon

    Lifting you up in prayer! May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding fill your heart and mind RIGHT NOW.
    Love and hugs- Heidi


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