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Octombrie 11-19

Click on the tab above : October 09 (upper right hand coner) and read all about it!  Or, more like “look” all about it.

More details to come as there will be opportunities for those of you who desire, especially in Indiana, to attend an update in person event of sorts.  How good it will be to see all of you and share about what God has been doing in Romania since I’ve last been there!

On a totally different note….I’m already planning my restaurant tour through Bloomington.  The wish list, as of today, is as follows :

Irish Lion , Turkuaz Cafe, Dats (which was Yats when I was there ), Mother Bear’s, Village Deli, The Copper Cup, La Torre and, of course, WENDY’s! 

And, a moment of silence please, as we all remember the standard which b-town will never again be able to meet…. Burmese Gems

Just to clarify…I know I won’t be able to visit many of these places and eating at them by no means takes any priority in my visit to Bloomington…  So much more looking forward to seeing all of my ‘family’ there and the beautiful Fall colors that southern Indiana is famous for!


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