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My neighbor told me to give her a call when Caleb and I had arrived outside her building this evening as we walked home.  I knew this meant, probably, one thing : Food.  Magda, my dear neighbor, thinks that I am in idiot in the kitchen and has made it her goal over the past couple of years to make up for what “you don’t know how to do Kelsey.”  It makes me smile so much when she overloads me with food.  To be honest, I don’t really make Romanian foods that often…nor, have I ever been able to make them very well.  So, she’s probably right when she says I don’t know how to make food…Romanian food at least.  Our friendship extends much deeper than the food and the hours I’ve spent in her tiny kitchen chatting.  As she came outside this evening with an extremely heavy bag in her hands she shares, as we make our way up to the top floor where I live, about the tears she has shed over her husband’s recent death, how much she misses him and how hard it is without him now.  I put my hand on her arm and said “I’m so sorry Magda, I’m so sorry.”  There are no words to fill the place of a death…  God’s presence can do that, though and I am praying that through this she may come to know her Savior.  We certainly do miss her husband…that’s for sure.

Anyway, Magda lugged up the stairs (she wouldn’t let me carry it at all…ay yai yai) 10 – TEN – jars of zacusca that she canned this week.  Let me tell you, Kels was PUMPED.  Zacusca is SO GOOD.  I love it.  It’s that time of year right now.  Time for canning.  Everyone is canning like crazy.  Walking down my steps I can smell, literally everyday, the women in my apartment bloc canning zacusca, pickles and peppers.  (Not all together, seperately : ))

Here’s a quick snapshot of what I have to dig into over the next few months….And, let’s be honest, I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t already eaten half a jar tonight!!




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  1. Can you give us an explanation of what the Zasucsasa is?

  2. Aw Kelsey – I am so jealous. This stuff is AWESOME!


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