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1. Change contacts.  They’re going crazy in my eyes.  Needing a new pair STAT.

2. Hang up wet laundry.

3. Finish packing me and Caleb’s stuff for CA camp – we leave tomorrow!

4. Pack up craft stuff for CA camp.

5. Go to sleep – I am exhausted.

6. Note to self.  Don’t ever have quintuplets.  After 5 teenage boys this weekend at Poiana I think I’m dead set against quintuplets.  Although, I did love being there with them…but, I also loved that after three days I came home again : )

7. Figure out how to transfer my old itunes library from my external hard drive to my new lap top.  (Which, I am so so so thankful for….I’ve got a pretty awesome younger brother!)  My attempts transferred the location of the songs and the art work into the new itunes but that’s it.  Any ideas?

8. Figure out how to get U2 to play a concert in Marghita.  When I didn’t think about that they were on tour then I pushed it away.  But now that everyone is going and talking about it (please people!) I can’t handle it anymore.


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  1. Yeah we’re going to a concert in Chicago in September for Derek’s bday gift. Too bad the baby won’t be here to truly experience the awesomeness of it. Don’t worry I’ll take pics from my front row seats and be sure to call you before, during, and after the concert 🙂


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