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Poiana and Casa Alba Camp

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I’m so excited for the next week and a half!  Tomorrow, Friday, I’ll head over to Poiana in the afternoon to spend the weekend there.  Poiana is our transitional home from orphanage to family living and currently has 7 teenage boys living there.  I’ll be there Friday until Monday morning and joining me will be Caleb, Roni and Nati.  2 of the boys will leave Poiana soon and so another transition will take place from calling this a “transit home” to a group and/or family home.  Roni and Nati have been spending each weekend there for months now in preparation for their move to Poiana come about the 1st of September.  I figured, eventhough the family who runs the home is on vacation (which is why I’m helping out for the weekend), the girls can still come, right?  Plus, I was put on the schedule for Casa Alba this weekend as well.  I can’t be at Poiana and Casa Alba at the same time so the best compromise of the situation was for me to take the girls with me so that the remaining staff member this weekend wouldn’t be driven crazy by too many children at one time : )  The boys at Poiana don’t know it yet (ha ha ha) but I’ll be bringing them over to Casa Alba on Saturday actually.  We need to clean out the lower level of the Casa Alba building (where the special needs school was this past year) and take everything upstairs into Casa Alba’s empty rooms.  Casa Alba will become the new school space in September, it’s much larger and the school keeps growing!, and the 4 remaining CA children will now live in the downstairs section which, is smaller.  Painting and murals are going to happen this weekend in the downstairs section so I figured these teenage boys could help out with clearing out all of the old furniture : )  I figure if I do a really nice pancake, egg and bacon breakfast for the boys Saturday morning they can’t really refuse coming to help…  Note to self : Must buy pancake breakfast supplies before going.

Then, oh this is so fun, on Tuesday morning at 8am the Casa Alba children and a bunch of us adults are heading to the mountains and a lake (Lacul Fantanele) for a 3 day Casa Alba camp.  You might remember me saying that someone had donated a really nice sum for camp to happen this year.  I am so grateful and the kids are too – you should hear them talking about what it’ll be like to swim in the lake!  I’ve rented out a “Cabana” (can you figure out what that means?) which has beds for 16 people.  From what I’ve heard this guy’s place is beautiful and huge and we’ll have it all to ourselves.  It’s a 10 minute walk to the lake from his cabin and there’s a beach area, so he says, as well as a kids park there as well.  I’ve got the menu set for the days we’ll be there (Tuesday morning through Friday morning) but I just need to do that shopping over the weekend.  And, I’ve spent the morning pulling together fun craft ideas to do with the kids in case if it rains or they are too tired to be at the lake all day.  So far I’ve got the instructions for pinatas, paper bag puppets, stick photo frames and water bottle holders.  When I was in the States last month I picked up a ton of water balloon deals in Target’s $1 bins and a few bags of squirt guns.  This cabin we’re staying in has a place for a bonfire outside and thankfully, I have a 3/4 bag full of marshmallows AND a package of mini Hershey bars.  Yup, that’s right, we’re doin’ s’more people!  I will definitely be bringing my guitar along – singing to Jesus with the kids outside, all around the fire.  Definitely camp, definitely awesome.

Later today I’m going to spend some time working out a Biblical focus for the camp week as well.  Not sure yet if the Lord will have us focus on a specific verse or a theme but I’m ready to hear His heart for the kids during our time away.  That’s more important than the lake or the cabin or s’mores…you know?

Today and tomorrow are quite busy so I need to go.  I’m helping a friend out with her team cooking day by putting out all of the food she made since she had to run to Oradea this morning.  Then, I need to cook this afternoon for tomorrow since I’ll be heading into the boondocks of Valea lui Mihai tomorrow.  I told you our friends Andy and Angie are here, right?  Well, their coming means that I have to take Angie to Valea lui Mihai without question : )  Just hoping my car fares better than last year…oh my word.  I locked my keys in my car at a random, tiny gypsy village.  The men there swarmed on top of my car and finally broke in for me.  I got stuck in the most massive mud puddle ever on the next road over.  Local men came and pulled my car out.  My tires, one in particular, was so badly ‘ouched’ that I had to replace all 4 tires.  Okay, yeah, this is what it means to take Angie to Valea lui Mihai.  The thing is, I love being able to do this with her.  She does this to visit a baby that she took care of in the hospital 2 years ago.  My car may not be looking forward to going, but both Angie and I are!  So anyway, I need to cook today since we’ll be gone tomorrow and tomorrow is my cooking day and I have to head to Poiana in the afternoon.  Right, lots to do!

Hey, on a random note, if you have any good crafts or games that you think the CA kids would enjoy doing…would you send me an e-mail or something?  Thanks!


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