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Fun Times Part 2

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(Second posting from the past weekend…)

Caleb turned his slice of lebenita (leh-beh-knee-tsuh) into a camera at supper.  I was laughing so hard!  And, for Caleb’s birthday in May, my brothers and their wives sent Caleb a solar kit.  You can create 6 solar operated objects (boat, car, dog etc…) out of the same pieces.  Definitely not up Mama’s patience alley : )  All of those little pieces and then wiring the thing – oh gosh I looked at it and immediately told my son, “I’m so sorry sweetie we’re going to have to wait a bit on this one.”  The waiting ended when some friends of ours came over for dinner the other night and the solar kit was opened and properly assembled.  Caleb was awed at how the sun’s strength and positioning of the solar panel affected the airplane’s speed.  It was pretty cool!


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