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Fun Times Part 1!

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This weekend some very fun things happened…here’s a quick look at them.

1. Our friends, Andy and Angie, are here visiting.  I asked Andy if he could create a top bunk barrier of sorts so that Caleb could sleep up there without falling out.  My jaw DROPPED when I saw what he built and created.


2. After toting most all of the CA kids to church in Oradea yesterday, Andy – Angie and I returned to finish “schimbul doi” (second shift).  I have never seen a more hilarious bath time than yesterday.  Nicoleta was histerically laughing at the way I helped her wash the shampoo and conditioner out of her hair.  Then Andy showed up and I handed the younger boys off to him for bath time.  The water war began and the boys were screeching in laughter as they were “stropit” (sprayed) with water.  I had to post a few pictures because it was so “distractiv” (fun).  Hopefully the pictures convey that to some extent!


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