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La Revedere

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We officially said la revedere to 12 Casa Alba orphanage children today.  A year ago today we were desperately praying, as we had been for years, for God to open up the hearts of Romanians in the area to foster care.  How much can change in a  year.  What we plan for or expect…God turns upside down.  The joy and peace in following an unknown path, away from what we have planned, because we know God is leading us – there is no equal.  Probably could be the story of my life the 6 months prior to moving here to Marghita through today.  “God, why haven’t you opened up international adoptions yet?  If You did, all of our kids would be gone so quickly  There are not families in our area wanting to foster children – can’t you see that, God?!”  Why, Kels?  Because God had other plans that would accomplish His purposes so much more perfectly.  Today’s good-bye party was a witness to that.

To have all of the kids back in one room – pure chaos.   Beautiful chaos.  To have kids yelling  my name and trying to shout over one another to talk about what it’s like to live in a family… to stand back and watch them interact with each other (as they have lived together their entire lives until just a few months ago) as brothers and sisters would after being apart for some time…to see the new Moms proudly holding, hugging and watching their kids be back in this environment knowing that this place is no longer their home…SMILES, oh the amount of smiles…to hear my boss speak of how CA first came to be and how much he has looked forward to this day of seeing the majority of the kids in families…to hear the director of CA speak to the children about remembering how much Jesus loves them and that their new families are proof of His love…massive consumption of candy, cake and pop…CDs of the songs we have worshipped with together over the past 4 years passed out…Joni shares how he prays for the staff and the remaining children of CA every night before bed…encouraging the new Moms to not give up through the already difficult past few months of foster care with their new children…an amazing time of fellowship and celebration…Thank You, Lord.

Enjoy some pictures from this morning’s party… And, thank all of you who have PRAYED and FOUGHT for God’s promise of faithfulness to each of these kids.  Ieremia 29:11

One of my most favorite pictures from today was the one I snapped of Mihai standing next to his former bed.  He’s waving his finger back and forth saying “This isn’t my bed anymore!” 


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