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One hot day…

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It is hot here.  I happen to love it.  Well, not the headache I have from being in the sun too much today, but I don’t mind the heat actually.  It’s my most favorite time of year.  Much rather sweat than shiver!

This morning I started off by heading to Casa Alba with Caleb this morning for shift.  Had a great time with Nicoleta and Alex as Mom and I, and Caleb, took advantage of some cooler, cloudy weather this morning and climbed the Apple Hill.  Caleb and Alex had fun climbing trees and Nicoleta tried to sit down every 2 minutes.  I caught her most times and made her stand up again : )  (She avoids any type of physical exercise if at all possible!)  I think this happens because she has to take these medicines everyday that make her really sleepy.  It ticks me off that she’s even on these medications to begin with…but, you learn to pick and choose your battles.  Know what I mean?  We had snack and then headed back down to CA for lunch.  Saturday means Sarmale!  Caleb, Alex and Nicoleta destroyed those things; they were starving after their climb up and down the Apple Hill!  I hadn’t been feeling so well since I woke up, a lot of stomach pain, so I was thankful the kids went down for naps (Alex and Nicoleta) and rest time (Caleb) without any arguments.  The sun, which jumped the temperatures into the 90’s while we were at the top of the hill, did them in, I think.  A really great shift with the kids…I’m so thankful for these shifts, actually.  I love just having a few kids and really being able to pray for them, over them and love on them individually.

After a late lunch and work in the garden I met up with my neighbor.   Her husband died while I was away and they had the funeral on the day I flew back.  I have become quite close to this family over the past two years.  God allowed me to be there the day that her husband accepted Jesus into his life.  Although the cancer he has battled for 5 years took his life I know he is joyfully living with Christ now.  I don’t think his wife believes that though…  Anyway, I found out the day after I came back after seeing multiple missed calls on my phone from her from when I was gone.  Which, I would have received had I not LEFT my PHONE in the door of my car at the Budapest airport.  Seriously, Kelsey, seriously. It wouldn’t have changed much because I would have been able to change my trip to get there any sooner.  I was already flying out Sunday and there was no possible way to make the flight sooner to get there on Monday in time for the funeral.  Tonight we met up and drove to his grave.  We replaced all of the dead flowers with fresh, changed the water in the vases, rearranged the wreathes on the grave…  She retold the story of his last week about three times during our time there tonight.  We cried together and told stories of his interaction in the lives of both Caleb and I since we’ve known them…  I explained to her how I explained his death to Caleb, although I don’t believe that she accepts what her husband and I believe, she listened.   Caleb isn’t handling the death of this man very well – although, understandibly, this man’s wife is struggling to a much deeper and greater extent.  Please pray for this woman and her 18 year old daughter as they try to move on, as she has said to me, from this devastating tragedy.

When I came back home after this tonight, I met an already bathed and fed and read to Caleb.  Go Grandma, Go!  Although I know God called me to Caleb and I accepted this calling (with great joy!) it isn’t so easy being a single Mama.  In light of this, I am especially grateful when Mom and Dad come to visit, or other family, as they enjoy having time with Caleb themselves.  Which, allows me to do things like head to the grave site of this friend of ours this evening and know that Caleb is in great hands!

Caleb wanted to go to bed almost an HOUR EARLY tonight.  He was exhausted!  A bit after he fell asleep my Mom came to me and said that I needed to come and look at Caleb.  Hilarious.  Here are the pictures I snapped of his latest sleeping position.  Oh, and the towels are something he has requested to “keep the sun out” in the morning : )


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