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Winters Wedding #4

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So, the curse is no longer a curse, I think.  Us Winters kids used to say, pretty much all the time, that the reason why none of us were married was because of the Winters family curse.  Benj, now married to Anna, started things off a few years ago, followed by Arwen (who married Derek) last June, Kyle marrying Vas this past September and now Jessie last week as she and Dustin tied the knot.  Each addition to the Winters family brings on a new “Winters” (it’s what we all call each other) although I’m not sure if all of them appreciate it when I include them in that habit…ha ha ha.  Anyway, what I was trying to say was that each new addition has brought a person that has fit into our family in ways that our family needed.  I love and appreciate each one of them despite the fact that the time I’ve had getting to know each one has been extremely limited…uggghhh, sometimes Romania can be a little too far away!  So, Jess and Dustin got married this past Friday and I wanted to share a few pictures.  I’m thinking that I’m kind of done posting pictures on Facebook…except for a few here and there.  They’ll be posted here instead.  Very thankful…I am very thankful to have been able to attend the wedding.  And, a huge hug to all of you who prayed me through my flights.  I didn’t have any panic attacks or moments of freaking out and screaming “LET ME OFF THIS PLANE RIGHT NOW!”  Although, if I had done so it would for sure be the most popular YouTube video showing at the moment.  Nah, don’t feel like being a famous YouTube star tonight…maybe tomorrow but definitely not tonight.

So, here’s “da montage” of the week.  A little ghetto, but hey, it’s Kelsey style so that should explain everything.  If you want the full photo (they got a little cut off) or the full story (ha!) just send me an e-mail.

And, did I mention HOW GOOD IT IS to be back in Marghita with my precious son?  Okay, click on the thumbnail below for a peek into the fun of last week!

View this montage created at One True Media
Winters Family July 2009


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  1. Hey,

    I’ll take your real pictures when you get a chance… I didn’t bust out my camera at all during the weekend 😦 also, thanks for excluding derek and i from the couple shots what the heck kels?! (not mad, but curious)

  2. Arwen,

    she left you out on purpose…..duh!!! Seriously, I think it’s okay. I would have preferred to have been left out of many of those shots. Speaking of shots……


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