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That’s tonight in a nutshell.  All of a sudden Jesus decided to go big time in the encouragement side of things.  I am so thankful – and have the biggest smile plastered on my face and heart.  Really…the joy of the Lord!

A couple of PRAISES so you can understand a bit more.

1. I’ve been struggling with something for about 2 weeks now.  I e-mailed a couple of prayer warriors and not only has the struggle subsided in a huge way, but their e-mails back of encouragement have brought me to thankful tears!

2. A random woman in a random country (well, random to most of you) decided that she cared about what God has me doing here…and she gave a pretty substantial financial gift.  It was open ended – not for anything specific.  Are you in awe as much as I am right now?  So, I begin praying, Lord what would You have me use this money for?  Immediately I thought – Camp, the camp for the Casa Alba kids in August.  That’s awesome, the gift will be way more than what I could ever need for the camp.  Then, literally right after I had the short convo with God, I get a text message saying…


Okay, Lord, You are out of control tonight and I LOVE IT!

4. Now, moving on… I get a Skype call from my dear friends who had to leave Marghita to go back to CA earlier this year.  They, just when they called, bought a ticket for HER TO COME OUT FOR OVER A WEEK LEAVING TONIGHT.  Ooooohhhh my oh my oh my.  I can’t handle all of this blessing.  Did you hear this?  She and her husband bought a ticket this morning for her to fly out this evening and she’ll be in Romania tomorrow night.  OH MY WORD I AM PUMPED.  And, that she’s staying with me and that in itself makes me so very happy!  Friend, I can’t wait to pray with you…

5. In exactly 2 weeks I will be busting out an extremely short trip to the States to see my big sis get hitched!  My whole family will be there on the ‘home turf’ for the wedding.  And, I think, we are ALL staying at Mom and Dad’s house.  That’s going to pretty much rock my face off.  Prepare yourself Jerome for the invasion of the Winters’!    And, siblings, no jokes on Kelsey having to share the living room with Mom and Dad. (Mom said she and Dad were going to let one of you guys have their room.)  One of these days I will have a husband and Caleb there so that I can finally earn the right to not sharing a room with Mom and Dad!  (No offense Mom and Dad…I really do love you both – even Dad’s snoring.)  My sister’s future husband’s family paid a good portion of my ticket so that I would be able to be there for the wedding.  I was so humbled by their display of love even having not met me before….

6. Just yesterday  I bought YET ANOTHER ticket to the States for October.  I know, what am I thinking?  2 trips in a year to the States…slow down Kels.  Let me tell you God has been stirring my heart to be in better contact with my home church, ECC in Bloomington, Indiana.  They have a Mission’s Weekend each October and I have yet to attend in the 5 years I have been over here.  In addition, my mission’s organization (CTEN) has asked that the next trip I make to the States that I come down to Kerrville, TX and spend some time with them.  Since I joined them from Marghita – not before I left – I have yet to meet the home staff etc…  I will be staying with my Pastoral Care couple at their ranch and I am looking forward to being challenged, guided and encouraged through more time with them.  (They visited a couple of years ago here in Marghita right after I joined CTEN.)  Their visit here so moved my spirit that I am anxiously awaiting this visit…as well as the opportunity to meet the amazing people who work so hard at the home office to keep everything running smoothly for me in regards to finances, updates etc…  I prayed that God would bring the price of the ticket down by Monday – and HE DID.  $30 cheaper.  Oh gosh, I was pumped.

7. This trip in October will include a very short visit with my close friends whom I have not seen since I was in their wedding back in 2005.  My flight from Europe takes me into Houston, and then I had a layover anyhow before flying into San Antonio.  So I asked the travel agent if I could have an overnight layover in Houston – and it was possible with no extra charge.  Yay!  Leanne, Daniel…prepare yourselves, Kelsey is a comin’ : )

I’m just so so SO thankful tonight.  Had to share the blessing!

I’ll end on a Coffey note.  His rendition of this song led my heart in such praise tonight!


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  1. yeah…Derek and I are getting mom and dad’s room. mom said that since i’m pregnant I would get first pick of the rooms 🙂 one day when you’re prego you’ll get your first pick too!!

  2. Actually, Kelsey, we have 2 options for you…both with doors:
    Option 1: your choice of a queen mattress (slightly used but with certified leak-proof cover or an inflatable queen airbed, both available in the master suite.
    Option 2: an inflatable queen airbed in the office.

  3. kelsey! man, that’s a good post to read, i’m so glad for all these blessings!! yay! lots of exciting things.. not to mention a certain scottish team arriving wednesday night… 🙂 aw, it all just makes me so happy! 🙂

    (btw, have you seen our team blog? you’re linked from it, you should check it out!)

  4. Kesley,
    What an encouraging post! God is such a cool, PERSONAL God!! Praise Him!

    If you get a chance let me know if you will have time while you are here in MI to meet in Jerome or where ever is convenient for YOU even just for coffee or ice cream! 🙂

    Let me know! With love to you and Caleb!


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