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1. I haven’t yet uploaded the pictures from the day Caleb and I were in the Black Forest.  Maybe I should do that now.  Yeah, I think I will.  Take a shower and let my computer, which I think is at about 110 years old computer age, sort itself out with the uploading.

2. Desert Song.  I think I may have posted a link to this before.  Regardless, it just – gosh.  God does major pastoral care on my soul when I listen to

3. Courtney has a sister who is an amazing photographer and friend.  She came to visit last month and did photo shoots.  If you head to her website , Emily Elizabeth Photos, you can check out some of the pictures she took while she was here.  There are lots of pictures of the kids I work with, as well as a few pictures of her Caleb/Kels “shoot.” (Scroll down a bit on her website and you’ll see us.)  I put quotations because the deal is this – I’m just not a photogenic person and Caleb, most of the time, hates having his picture taken.  Great combination, I know.  Still, despite these, Emily does the most amazing photography.  Believe me, you covering her travel expenses and accommodation in addition to her photography charges will still be the best deal you can find on wedding photos when you get married.  I wonder to how many of you that would actually be helpful advice for?  Probably none.  Well, anyhow, store the info somewhere for later.

5. My little sister is pregnant : )  I thought she looked so cute in her updated pregnant photos that I decided to post her blog location here :

Arwen and Derek


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