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Every single night.  Not just heat lightening, but legit thunder, lightening, shake my entire apartment bloc, rain and hail storms.  Well, hail only 2 times in the last 14 days.  But still, it honestly has stormed every single evening without fail.  I actually like it.  Well, not the part where I see lightening off in the distance and realize I have about 10 minutes to turn off and unplug my computer, and take a shower before either the computer or I get electrocuted!  Myth Busters did an episode once  on taking a shower when lightening…ummm, their fake human in the shower was definitely – you know.  Admit it, you take stock in Myth Busters too!

Went and did the Hep A blood tests this morning a few days early.  I think the Doctor was telling us to wait until July 1st only because the first 10 days of each month mean free testing for children and retirees at the lab.  Uggghhh.  Had I known this 2 weeks ago we would have just done the blood tests then and have known right away.  The thing is, though, that I think God had a few things to show me about Him, and about myself, during these two weeks.  So although the pediatrician for our kids didn’t probably know it, she was isolating us for 2 weeks under God’s direction.  Maybe I’ll post on those a little later…they’re still sitting on my heart, quite plainly.  Need more time for His truths from this time to sink in.

Anyhow, we went today and did the blood tests and everything is fine with the three kids.  I took Renata back to Casa Alba and she, as expected, was very angry.  Because she still had the day with me once we found out she decided to be angry and disobedient while she was with me.  I couldn’t be angry at her … I mean c’mon, would you have done any differently in her situation?  I wouldn’t have.  Probably would have done even more than what she did today.  What do you think, Mom?  Ha ha ha.  I actually went up to Casa Alba again late tonight and she was just heading to bed.  She grabbed me, wanted kisses and then had to double check that on Friday I would come and take her for the weekend.  Happy with my response she ran off to her room.  The staff on shift this evening said she was so happy after I dropped her off this afternoon.  Praise God!  I figured if she was giving me a little taste of ‘war’ today then it might have become full fledged once I dropped her off.  It didn’t though and I am thankful for God’s clear hand with that!

I was so proud of Caleb, Reni and Dani with the blood tests this morning.  Caleb was the only one who cried and he only began when she pulled the needle out.  I think his tears were more the stress of the situation and the not knowing what drawing blood is actually like being over.  Know what I mean?  All kids got juice boxes, candy and a small new toy for having such courage this morning.  We prayed before heading upstairs to the lab that Jesus would put peace in each of their hearts.  He did just that!  Maybe it was good that Caleb had a blood drawing experience before he turned 22.  Yup, that was when I first had one.  Since it went so well today I’m sure the next time will go just as smoothly.  He doesn’t need to turn into his Mama when it comes to needles!  Yay!

After blood tests we ran over to the meat store to try and figure out what the heck we were going to cook for the team today.  My friend and I usually cook together and we both had no clue.  Normally we do all of the shopping the day before as well as some prep.  I love cooking for my team – it’s one of my most favorite times during the week.  Anyhow, it was after 9am and we still hadn’t bought anything…nor decided what to cook.  In the meat store I asked her to grind up some chicken breast for me, which she always does eventhough I’m the only one who ever asks her to do that, and I also grabbed some ground pork.  THEN.  I SAW IT.  AN ENTIRE TRAY OF PORK BRAINS.  FINALLY!  TODAY WAS THE DAY.  OVER A YEAR OF THREATENING, I WOULD NOW HAVE MY CHANCE!  See, I don’t eat pork.  If you want to know why then ask me in an e-mail or something and I’ll tell you.  Some members on my team, one in particular who is from Sweden and is very tall and is married to a woman from Britain and who works with the older youth, thinks this is hilarious.  I have ENDURED (read that very dramatically please) the jokes since he and his wife returned to our team a year and some ago.  I have threatened, in return, that someday I would make pork brains and he would eat it and never know it.  Never did I actually believe the day would come.  Seeing the entire tray there and the extremely cheap price though made me realize that it was time to do the dirty deed.  I grabbed 4 of them – although 6 ended up in the bag. And yes, I marinated them, and then coated them in a nicely seasoned bread crumb coating.  Once fried to a crisp, you really couldn’t tell what they were.  Small pieces of chicken?  Half of a boneless pork chop?  Two members of my team, unfortunately, were innocent victims to the snitzel before the awaited team member arrived to eat lunch.  I did spare my boss, as he grabbed one and then quickly put it back after finding out the truth. : )  The comments were as follows : “What kind of meat is this?  It has no taste?  What is it?  It’s not bad.  It’s kind of like a Milky Way.”

I laughed and laughed and laughed.  It felt good to laugh that much but also it felt good to finally have made the comeback of all time in this particular situation.  No, I do not eat pork.  Make fun of me all you want.  You just ate pork brains.  I’m still smiling thinking about it now!

Well, I’m on first shift tomorrow morning at Casa Alba.  I can barely wait!  It’s been two weeks since I was able to work because of the Hep A stuff.  Time for bed so that I can get both me and Caleb up and over there in the morning.


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  1. that’s disgusting kelsey, i almost threw up reading that.

  2. HA HA HA! You’re hilarious Kelsey! I can’t believe Simon finally got his pork brain.. 🙂

  3. dude…i thought the pork brain thing was a joke when i saw it on facebook but holy crap dude! thats hilarious! one time mattias fed the team horse…i was a vegatarian then…


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