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Bet you weren’t expecting that title for my next blog posting, were you? Ha!

Well, as non-pleasant as it is to discuss pretty much anything having to do with Hep and all it’s alphabet forms (A, B, C….), it has been our life for the past week and a half.  And, will continue to be so until either July 1st or July10th.  My friend’s daughter, poor little friend of ours!, was diagnosed with Hep A a week ago last Monday.  Caleb, his friend Dani, and Renata from Casa Alba all played with her and used her bathroom a few times the Sunday the day before.  Because they were around her during the most infectious stage of Hep A, and that they used her bathroom etc…  well, that meant that Caleb, Dani and Renata all needed to be quarantined.  Great fun, let me tell you.  A 5 and 2 six year olds who are supposed to be kept inside for 3 weeks straight.

I can’t really say that I have followed those rules exactly…sorry, I just…it just doesn’t work.  Anyway, Renata has been living with us since that Monday because she’s not allowed at Casa Alba.  Dani’s Mom and myself are both on shift at Casa Alba but we can’t take our kids there.  So when she works, I have all three kids, when I’m to work, she’ll take all three kids.  It’s kids 24/7.  We can’t go to the park, shouldn’t walk outside where there are other people, can’t go into stores.  It’s not alltogether easy, I have to be honest.  But, it’s not awful either – we’ve been laughing a lot!  They all had urine tests this past Monday and they came out clear.  The doctor though said that “theoretically” they could still have it so they need to continue the quarantine until July 1st.  On July 1st we do blood tests and then depending on those tests they may still need to remain isolated until July 9th or 10th.  I definitely didn’t expect that an entire month of the summer I would be spending quarantined.  Kind of funny actually.  I do pile them into the car and we drive to the foundation to eat lunch everyday.  There’s a fence around the property there so the kids can play and be outside some.  If other kids show up, who weren’t previously around the three before we knew they were exposed to Hep A, they we have to leave.

In some ways it’s fantastic.  In other ways it’s frustrating.  I think that the aspect that makes me the most sad about this is Renata.  Never, since she can remember, has she spent more than a few days in a row with anyone in a ‘family’ environment.  She’ll have been with me and Caleb at home for 3 weeks by the time this is all over.  Her heart is going to tear to pieces when she has to go back to Casa Alba.  Oh my word it kills me to think of what that day, and following days, are going to be like for her.  I’d almost rather just keep her here until one of the adoptive families who are interested in her actually begins visits.  There are 2 families who are interested in adopting her but we are waiting to see if they go and turn in their papers to Child Protection.  If one of them does, and FCE’s interviews with them go well…then she could probably begin visiting.  I just think that her going back to Casa Alba after living with us will do a lot of harm to her already wounded heart.   We love having her here and I have come to love and appreciate this precious little girl more than I would have by just working at Casa Alba.  Let me tell you, God has created a very special girl and personality and spirit with her…wow.

We’re in a good routine now after a little over a week.  Caleb is adjusting now to sharing Mom and toys : ) and Renata is learning that she doesn’t need to ask to go to the bathroom, she can just go! (At Casa Alba they ask before going.)  She also is responding SO WELL to consistent discipline and knows that when A B or C happens then D is the consequence evertime (sitting on her bed until I hear that she has calmed down and come to her.)  The fits are fewer and she has improved on some of her Casa Alba habits in amazing ways!!  She is using her shirt as a towel only about 1X per day instead of all day long – big deal!  She is eating with her utensils instead of her hands and she takes pride in seeing that her table space is very clean after eating now!  I know, these are little things, right?  The deal is though she doesn’t realize that these, for the most part, are things that a 6 year old girl shouldn’t maybe do all the time.  By kind correction and showing her how Caleb eats, or Caleb wipes his hands on napkins etc…she immediately follows his example.  So cool.  AND, she has finally begun testing her food first to see if it is too hot before immediately taking a bite.  Most of the food at Casa Alba is served at room temperature.  She isn’t used to food being hot or needing to blow to cool it off.  Yeah, again, maybe little things but to me it showed some of her willingess to learn and adapt to a more family environment.  Something which will be HUGE once she is given her life family!  And, I think the family will enjoy that she is full of kisses, hugs, songs, creative play, laughter, love of lipstick and skirts, an always willing cleaner-upper, and a heart to talk to Jesus…  A beautiful little girl…

Here’s a look at our bedtime reading from the other night!

Renata, Caleb and Kels reading books at bedtime!

On a completely different note.  Caleb isn’t sleeping well in his own room.  It’s not that he fights it or cries.  He’s just not sleeping well.  When I go into check on him and kiss him before I go to bed…he’s everywhere sleeping.  I’ve found him sleeping on the floor, hanging off from the side of the bed and then last night…he was in a prayer position kneeling next to his bed with his head on the actual bed, sleeping!   He comes into my room and climbs into my bed most nights which, has been rough as well.  Most of the night is spent with his feet in my face.  I love my son and it is so hard for me to see that his nights are so rough for him.  Sometimes he has bad dreams and that’s why he doesn’t sleep well, or there’s a storm that he hears and then he comes to me.  Please pray for my little one!  I asked him why he came into my bed last night and this was his response.

“Mom, there was a movie on my wall.  Come Mom, I’ll show you.”

He took me into his room and he laid down and pointed to his blank wall.

“Hmmm Mom, it’s gone now.  It’s gone now.  The movie isn’t there anymore.  It was a real movie Mom, not a dream.”

I asked him if he could tell me what the movie was?

“There was a dinosaur.  He was a really mean dinosaur.  Then Jesus came Mom.  Do you know what Jesus did?  He punched the dinosaur in the stomach.  The He put his hand out and made the dinosaur freeze so he couldn’t move anymore.  More dinosaurs came then and Jesus did the same to all of them.  He made them all so they couldn’t move.”

I told Caleb that I thought Jesus was pretty cool for protecting him from the dinosaurs…isn’t that cool that He came and did that for you?

Maybe even more than Caleb was I moved by God’s dispay of love to my son last night…


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  1. Oh…sounds not so fun to be inside whit kids all th time when it is summer and hot outside. But the little changes Reni showes is amazing….she really need a family….they all do. Is there any more familys intressted in taking kids?

  2. you’re not contagious are you? i need the 100% guarantee before you come here b/c i can’t get hep A and be pregnant, that would require lots more needles than any of us would be comfortable with…mainly me 🙂


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