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June 15th…

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is a monumental day in the Winters family. Ha! : )  Really, though, I wanted to post a little video thank you to all of you who made this birthday especially great!  If I even tried to respond to all of the facebook wall posts I would be up until midnight…that doesn’t include the packages, phone calls and e-mails.  So, you guys all rock my face off.  Thanks so much…

Enjoy my video made way too late on Monday night in which I can’t seem to use a vocabulary past “fun” and “awesome” and “great.”  If you can’t handle my vocabulary, or lack thereof, then just don’t click on thumbnail below.

Right.  Okay.

View this montage created at One True Media
Kels’ 28th Birthday.


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  1. Kelsey I about peed my pants (not hard to do these days) when you told the story about the picture Caleb drew. When you started to say it’s the baby that…I thought he was drawing my baby! Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!

  2. kelsey,
    that video was “great!” i can handle your vocab, no problem 🙂 i’m glad you had such a good day!
    beth 🙂


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