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Just sounded funny to put that together. Seriously though, I’ve got a sermon for you to check out. It rocked my face off so much that I made my team listen to it on Monday night for our Bible Study portion of the evening. Do some research first on Rolland and Heidi Baker so you can get a feel for who they are and what God has been up to with them. The sermon will make more sense if you do.  On a side note, even if I hadn’t heard this sermon before I’d probably recommend it.  God has used this couple tremendously in challenging my relationship with Him to grow while serving Him here in Romania.

Simplicity of Love

So, click on that sermon title and then scroll down until you see the sermon itself.  It’s the last on the list.

Right, moving on.  Update!  Yes, it’s coming.  I spent over 4 hours on it today and happily I can say it’s almost finished.  The update will be e-mailed out, as usual, but I’m putting a twist on it.  You’ll also received a paper copy of it in the mail.  I know, pretty slick eh?  The updates will only arrive bi-monthly now, instead of monthly.  Although, you’ll be hearing from me often enough with prayer updates via e-mail, and hopefully I can be more consistent with this blog!

I did some work in the garden today.  One of the guys on the team did some mowing so I raked up the clippings and put them around my cucumber plants.  Dad, aren’t you proud? : )

Tomorrow morning I need to be at Casa Alba by 7am with Caleb…it’s a morning shift day there!  Although I think we’ll probably come at 7:30am instead.  7am is pushing it just a bit for getting Caleb up and going in the morning, you know?  I’ve spoken with most of the Romanian staff over the past few weeks since beginning working morning shift and I have their ‘blessing’ to arrive just a bit later.  I’m very thankful!

Speaking of, I need to get to bed so that I can get up and going tomorrow morning on time!  Quickly though I just wanted to let you know about a really great deal that you can get in on to help out the Foundation I work with here in Marghita.  I’ll talk about it in my update as well but figured it wouldn’t hurt to mention it here first…

Basically you can buy this CD for just $10 (that includes shipping as well!) and all of the money goes to the ministries FCE runs here in Marghita, Romania.  Since I’ve been here, there really haven’t been many opportunities for people to get in on something like this so easily.  And, on a personal opinion note, the CD is REALLY good.  If there’s anything my student loans from IU SOM give me the right to say – it’s whether or not someone is a good musician or not.  And I’m telling you, this CD is worth the $10 hands down.  So, instead of hitting up Starbucks today or ordering Pizza tomorrow night, help FCE in a very direct way by buying the CD.  Multumim! (from the FCE kids and youth in advance who appreciate having hot water and electricity and…)


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  1. Thanks Kelsey and to anyone out there who relinquished their slice of Margareta for a CD!


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