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why I have been so, so sick for almost 2 weeks now.

Meet my long – lost not friend from 2005, “The Big G” (as I’ve come to call it).

I thought I got rid of him in ’05 but he decided its been too long since we’ve interacted.  2nd time around has been much worse than 1st time ’round.  I’m not joking when I say I honestly thought that I would need an ambulance last week when I was in one of our little grocery stores in town.  The pain was that severe.  Just glad to know what is causing it, don’t really wish to know where I picked it up, thankful that Romania has tons of medication for it!

We’ve been without rain for so long now.  I’ve been worried for the people of Marghita, and in surrounding areas, who depend on their family garden plots for food during the winter.  We hit April and it’s been mildly hot ever since.  I, for one LOVE IT, but it is really hard on a culture that depends on gardening to supplement what their low salaries cannot supply.  The Lord sent rain this week and it is supposed to continue off and on, along with really chilly temperatures, through Monday.  I think all of Marghita has sighed with relief together!  And, on a side note, I’ve been thankful that I don’t have to haul out bucket after bucket of water to my little garden spots for a few days.  My plants have been lovin’ the rain and my tomatoes seemed to have grown up another 6 inches in just 2 days of this rainy weather.  I’m so excited!

I worked morning shift yesterday at Casa Alba and Caleb and I had an amazing time with the kids.  I took Nicoleta (our 12 year old) out in town with me, once all of the younger kids were off to kindergarten.  I had a few errands to run and Nicoleta doesn’t often leave the property of Casa Alba.  She has so many special needs so it can be difficult.  I took her for ice cream last month and she was so petrified the entire time; we were only a 3 minute walk from Casa Alba’s gate.  Wasn’t sure how it would work taking her through town on errands.  You know?  Well, she was full of smiles the entire morning.  Yay!  I even took her to a shoe store and she tried on many different flip flops to find a pair that would work for summer.  She couldn’t stop grinning the entire time she was in the store.  It was awesome!  A young teen from California felt God was telling her to donate some money to what is going on with the kids in Marghita.  Some of that money went to Nicoleta getting her summer sandals so I, and Nicoleta, were very excited about that!

This morning I felt really sick but had promised to help out at Casa Alba.  There were a bunch of kids and hardly no staff.  Thankfully I felt better as the morning went on and Caleb and I went out with some of the kids and staff to the Children’s Day celebration in town.  There was a small parade (no candy and no firetrucks though….hmmmm…) and go cart racing.  Caleb was in awe of the go carts.  He’s never seen anything like that and being such a car enthusiast…well, he was just speechless!  The other boys at Casa Alba were likewise glued to the race.  I had a great time watching them watch the race : )

Many of you know that I live just next to the big park in town.  Two days ago I took out the trash (next to the park is our bloc’s dumpster) and I stood there, mouth hung open, as I noticed the park doubled in size.  I didn’t understand how in, literally, 2 days the park could double in size without Caleb or I noticing.  Somehow it happened and my little guy was on cloud 9!

Enjoy some recent pictures…hoping to get some video up in the next day or two.  Noapte Buna! (Good night.)

PS.  The girl in the pink sweatshirt is Nicoleta.  The other pictures are recent ones of Caleb.  Thanks, Andy and Angie, for the car that he has not put down for one second since it arrived in the mail for his birthday : )  Grandma, he loves the Driven by Faith hat and the bubble maker!


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  1. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather, Kelsey! Feel better soon! LOVE the bubble photos of Caleb – so precious!


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