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Communion at our church in Oradea isn’t done on any set schedule.  When I grew up, my Dad always did Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  I think the church I went to in college did something similar.  Anyway, the church we are a part of here doesn’t seem to follow anything like that.  Last Sunday we walked in and noticed that it was going to be a Communion Sunday.  Uh oh.  That’s what I thought at least.  Why in the world would I think that for a Communion Service?   It’s a Kelsey freaking out not knowing what to do Mom thing.  I know, it’s lame.  The thing is this, I don’t – or didn’t – know what to do about Communion with Caleb.  At my church in college the children’s pastor there did these things called “Dig Sessions” with kids and parents together to explore Communion and learn about it as a family.  Here, there’s nothing like that.  Okay, maybe you’re thinking then that I could just tackle it with Caleb.  And yes, you’re right, I could.  But I think part of this is that I would love to have more of an opinion other than my own, and other than how I grew up with for making the decision.  Does that make sense?  And, no, I’m not counting out what scripture says either.  This was my deal, to begin with.  I felt in my Spirit – honestly – that it would be okay for him.  But growing up in a Christian culture that said “not until you’re baptized” made me hold back.  Also, I want Caleb to be a little bit older to understand more and for it to be his decision.  Does that make sense?  So, for those reasons, I held back.  We always sit next to my good friend and her son, Dani (6 years old) during church.  Helena lets Dani take some or none and then listens to Dani question, not always quietly, about why she hasn’t let him take the rest – or why he wasn’t allowed to take at all.  Then Caleb starts – if Dani was allowed then why wasn’t he allowed.  Seeing where this is going?  Yes, we do also happen to sit in the second row from the front.  When our boys decide to let us know their opinions on things during church – well, the whole church is brought in on that : )  After the last communion time I decided I would speak with the Children’s Pastor to ask him if he would plan a time for parents and kids to learn about Communion together.  Well, I forgot.  And, I forgot that I had forgotten but instantly remembered when I walked into the sanctuary on Sunday and saw the Communion table.  Dang it Kels!  So, what to do, what to do?  I looked at Helena and was like – how about not letting them.  She didn’t agree.  I sat for a second and then approached her again – maybe ‘no’ today?  She didn’t agree again : )  I felt that it was okay but I wasn’t prepared for it to be his first time right there and then.  I wanted to delay it – didn’t want to have to approach it right there and then.  Know what I mean? I looked at Helena again and said – let’s go for it.  She agreed – ha!

I sat there with Caleb on my lap and I began to explain to him why we use Bread and Wine.  We talked about Jesus’ Body and His Blood – what that means for us.  We spoke about how serious Communion is….how we need to have Jesus clean our hearts before we take it.  Eating the bread isn’t because we are hungry – and drinking the wine isn’t because we’re thirsty…we do this to remember what Jesus did on the cross – and how that comes into our lives every single day.   I asked him then if he wanted to take it and he said ‘yes.’  He sat so still holding the wine and little piece of bread.  When the pastor held his up in the air, so did Caleb.  I truly felt God’s presence surrounding this little boy as, even at age 4 almost 5, he can say that he loves Jesus and express sadness over all the sin that Jesus took on the cross.  And, as he told me a couple of weeks ago, “Mom, it’s okay, don’t be sad any more about Jesus on the cross.  Look!  Look! (flipping through his Bible pages rapidly) He rose Mom!  He rose!  Don’t be sad!”

So, Caleb took his first communion.  Maybe a little unorganized but in all sincerity and honesty that his almost 5 year old heart could express.


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