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Fringe Vs. Bangs

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It’s quite a heated argument actually. I think I might need to create a merger word.  How about “Frings” or “Frangs” or “Bange” or “____________”?  You fill in the blank.  Sometimes I think it’s more fun to just take the British-English word and “Kels-i-fy” it.  Yup, that’s right, “Kels-i-fy.”  So yesterday on facebook instead of saying that I went and had bangs cut/created I said “I had some fringe action today.”  Or, I think that’s what I wrote.  Regardless, something along those lines.  Basically take a common Kelsey word, in this case “action”, and add the Bristish lingo to it.

So why am I posting at all about this? A certain younger sister of mine, who will go unamed *cough* Mrs. Arwen R. L. R. *cough* told me that she quit facebook.  Therefore she needs me to post a picture of the “frangs” (just trying out one of them) to my blog.

Right.  Here you go, Arwen!  (The things I do for you…)


It’s Easter Part 2 right now.  Marghita has literally shut down every store now as it’s the official Romanian Easter weekend.  Alex, from Casa Alba, came to us last night to spend the weekend here.  Caleb is loving having someone his age here night and day to play with!  I’m loving, too, having the extra time with Alex.  I started working with him when he was just over 4 months old…now he’s 5!


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  1. It’s “fringe” all the way!

  2. definitely fringe. it looks good btw! i think i’m going to have to try and convince all the americans i meet next year that fringe is a much better description than bangs. i feel i might fail… 🙂

  3. My friend at work, Amanda, is a hair stylist, and I told her about your fringe v. bangs dilemma…she said that in the hair cutting industry it is also referred to as fringe, and she liked your rendition of Frangs.


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