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A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

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…is a good way of describing this week so far, I think.

Decided to sort of take the week off to breath.  Breathing is important, you know, and I hadn’t been doing so much of it lately.  I wouldn’t really recommend putting it to the side.  Pearl of wisdom for your day…I know, what would you do without me?

Monday was a good chill day/hello catch up on e-mails from the past month. I was really looking forward to the afternoon as  I decided to switch up our team’s worship/Bible Study for the night.  Normally those of us with kids have babysitters and we meet later in the evening.  This past Monday, though, we were sans babysitters.  Our babysitters happen to all be Hungarian so they were still celebrating Easter on Monday.  I thought it was a great opportunity for us to have a kid-friendly worship service instead.  I absolutely love being able to worship alongside with kids!  I brought a bunch of home made instruments with me to the afternoon meeting and started off by reading to the kids, and adults, Psalm 150.  This Psalm is a great base for examples of how we can musically worship God….Lots of instruments and LOUD!  The kids then took turns with all of the different instruments as we sang to Jesus together.  Sometimes they took turns by themselves and other times they did them all together (that was fulfilling the Loud part that Scripture instructs us to do in the Psalm!)  I talked about how Jesus died on the Cross for ALL to have forgiveness.  That He did this out of His love.   We traced our hands, cut them out, glued hearts to the middle of the palms and then glued them to a big cross that I drew on a piece of butcher paper.  Seeing our hands on the cross helps us to remember that Jesus died for everyone…or, that’s what I’m praying the kids will take into their hearts and remember! : )

Tuesday now.  Cooking Day for the Team!  Made Lasagne and a Salad with Curried Peanuts (really good – just have to be honest.)  Left the house around 8:30am and got back home at 7:30pm.  I was especially thankful that Caleb was able to go to a friend’s house on Tuesday afternoon so that I could catch up on some computer work on a computer that runs much faster than mine.  (Do you know that everytime I use facebook now it just freezes up?  Arrrghhh.)

Wednesday we’re up to now…hmmm…you know, I just think that being honest here is the best route to go.  My parents were really careful that we told the truth growing up (although I remember lying to them as a little girl I don’t know how many times…sorry Mom and Dad!).  Better do that now.  This is the deal, I stayed in my PJ’s (and Caleb did too) until 2pm that day.  There, it’s out.  It was the first day that I could actually have “off”, and that’s what I wanted to do this week, right?  The thing is, I cleaned like MAD.  I went through every CD that I own and got rid of a ton.  I did all of the dishes (if only you knew my relationship with doing the dishes…it’s not very healthy and frankly, I don’t wish to pursue counselling for it either.)  and laundry.  And, the best part is, Caleb and I had some serious lego – bonding time together the entire morning.  At 2pm I had to finally put on clothes that are acceptable outside of my apartment and Caleb and I went to help show a group of Swedish people around Marghita.  It didn’t actually end up happening so we bought ice cream with Caleb’s friend Dani and went up to Casa Alba to play with the kids there.  There were just a few, since most of them are with families or with staff they are close to for Easter, so it was really nice being able to focus and love on the few kids there!

Now to today, Thursday.  I have been looking forward to today for about a month now.  Erik and Carolina are team mates of mine, and really good friends.  They offered to take Caleb and his friend Dani for the ENTIRE day to “spoil them” so that myself and Helena (Dani’s Mom) could have a day to do whatever we wanted.  When they asked if “that would be okay” I think I remember my response being something along the line of OH MY GOODNESS YES!  It’s not that I don’t love being with my son – oh I do so much.  But to have the opportunity to leave for just a day and know that he’s having such a fun day as well with people that really mean so much to him…it was a win, win situation.  Plus, I had been really feeling like I needed a day to just come before the Lord and….just be.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself this morning…  We decided to head to Debrecen (a Hungarian city just across the border, a little over an hour away).  My secret little plans for the day – COFFEE SHOP AND ALFALFA SPROUTS.  No, I’m not kidding. We got across the border in 5 minutes flat (a record, honestly) and found a cheap parking place (yay!)  Next stop, BATHROOM.  Oh my word I had to pee!  Helena puts up a lot with me.  McDonald’s cafe had free, clean toilets so we ran in and out.  Then, we reaquainted ourselves with the chocolate shop – you honestly have never seen so many chocolates from around the world.  At this moment I’m not yet ready to say exactly what was bought in that store.  : )  Found a side street shop with Gyros for pretty cheap so we got those for lunch and sat on benches along the beautiful walking street and ate lunch.  (Then Kelsey crashed on the bench and enjoyed one of her most favorite things to do ever, but never has time to do,…lay in the sun : ))  I also started a new book – I loved that I had time to read today!  Then, time for the coffee shop…oh gosh it was good.  Really good.  Pictures will come tomorrow of what our desserts and coffee looked like.  Tesco came next and yes, I got my alfalfa sprouts.  AND, I found sugar snap peas.  How awesome is that?  We drove around afterwards in search for one of the newest additions to Debrecen, H&M.  I’m pretty proud that we found it so quickly on the almost hardly any directions we had.  Of course, I didn’t buy anything inside.  Nope, not at all.  Nope, didn’t even try anything on.  Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope….(maybe if I keep saying that it’ll actually be true….)

Drove home and found that Caleb had turned into a cat while I was gone…again!  Cats are his absolute favorite animal.  So, Mama got a couple of great hugs and a kiss from the only kitty that doesn’t give her an allergic reaction.  He was so happy…Erik and Carolina drove the boys up to the forest and they played, hiked and had such a fun day with two people who love them very much.  Caleb asked me this morning if Erik could be his Daddy…  no, Caleb, sorry sweetie..but you CAN have the most fun day ever with him and Carolina!  And that he did…

Tomorrow I’ll head over to Casa Alba to pick up Alex.  He’ll spend the weekend with us for Easter!  Easter part two, that is.  I’m looking forward to having him here and I think Caleb is as well!

This was a bit long, eh?  Oh, one last thing.  I wanted to post this YouTube video of a song that has been so serving my heart the past 2 weeks…  I love my Savior…


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