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April Update ’09

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Easter #1 Morning Pictures  : )

Caleb and Mama, Easter Morning

April Update, here we go!!

I thought it’d be fun to put this update on my blogspot.   Maybe more of you would consider checking out the blog on a more regular basis if I led you straight to it this month…hmmm? : )

I just want to say that this entire past month has gone by in one massive, super busy blur.  I have encountered how God pours out His grace in my weakest moments and how fighting through prayer can open doors to childrens’ hearts.

John Piper said that “The fight for faith is the fight for desire.”  This month has shown me the truth in this statement.  Sometimes loving God and making Him first is such an overflow of my every moment.  The past few weeks have been a FIGHT for this.  Sometimes there was victory and other times there was failure – sin.  This month’s learning journey climaxed as we headed into Maundy Thursday this past week.  Coming face to face with the events just before Jesus’ death and resurrection, in light of what He has taught me this past month,  made the Easter celebration more intimate, painfully aware, sorrowful and grateful, and so much more joyous.

Caleb is in a silly stage for sure! (Easter Morning)

Caleb is in a silly stage for sure! (Easter Morning)

(And, on a side note, Romanians don’t celebrate Easter until next week.  Hungarians celebrated today.  Marghita is half and half so half of Marghita’s stores are shut down today and tomorrow.  Next weekend all of the Romanian stores will be shut down Sunday and Monday.  (Nice that they take turns, eh?)  My neighbor, as did last year, has invited Caleb and I to Easter dinner tomorrow.  I think I need to not eat anything between now and 1pm tomorrow or else I won’t be able to down all of the food she’s expecting me to eat.  Listen, you don’t believe me?  Come here and see for yourself.  When you go to someone’s home you have to eat everything they serve you.  And not just one portion – but two and three.  The only way to get around this is to chew VERY SLOWLY.  Because if you eat fast and eat 3 portions of everything then you literally will not be able to eat the 10 pieces of cake that is expected of you after the dinner.  No joke.  Anyway, I really appreciate these neighbors of mine and am really looking forward to being able to spend time with them tomorrow.  The wife is so opening her heart slowly to the Lord…even as her husband is dying of cancer.  Please pray for her…)

Whew.  It has been a month.  It’s time now for a few days of rest.  For awhile now my heart has been aching to have a day where I could just be still before the Lord.  Now my physical body is saying the same : )  This past week I worked double and I paid/am paying for that big time.  Maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal if I wasn’t a Mom.  Caleb has been a trooper this month, and especially this past week.  But, we need to get back on track!  Some good friends of mine on my team have offered to take Caleb and his very good friend, Dani, on a special day outing this Thursday.  This way Dani’s Mom and I can head to a city just across the Hungarian border and enjoy a day to ourselves.  Wow!  I’m hoping to chill in a coffee shop for some hours : )

Caleb thinks Easter Eggs make great eyes!!

Caleb thinks Easter Eggs make great eyes!!

Oh, miracles!  Yes!  My right ear has been plugged up since my last year at I.U.  My voice teacher said that it didn’t affect my singing so maybe I could head to an ENT but not a huge deal vocal wise.  I was stupid and didn’t go and see the ENT while I still was on my Mom’s insurance.  Now, almost 6 years later my ear is STILL completely plugged.  It’s annoying but I’ve learned to deal with it.  The thing is though that it became really painful this past weekend.  Last Monday night I heard the Holy Spirit leading me to ask my team to pray for it.  I have never spoken to anyone about my ear ever so I wasn’t sure if I had the courage to ask or not.  The Holy Spirit kept prodding and two of my good friends started praying for it.  My headache went away and the pain went away and a MAJORITY of the “plugged upness” left as well.  It stayed like that for most of the week.  It was wonderful to be able to feel some of the blockage gone.  Tonight it’s feeling full again.  But I’m telling you, what happened last Monday was a miracle for me.  I believe God can heal my ear completely, even if it hasn’t happened yet!  And, another miracle.  Mihai.

Mihai had a really great first weekend with the family that is interested in becoming his foster family.  The Mom came to his birthday party on Friday and all of my fears were put to rest once I met her and watched her interact with Mihai, the other children and, the staff.  She is woman who loves to smile and, I can see, already growing to love Mihai.  I can see that she does have a relationship with the Lord – not just an only on Sunday type of deal.  I am so – so thankful that this family has had the courage to step into this plan for their lives.  Mihai is in a trial week with the family now.  Most likely they will experience a ‘rough day’ with Mihai over the next week and a half.  This is important for them to see and go through as they pray about bringing him into their family.  Please pray for them, and Mihai, as you remember over the next week.

Mihai blowing out his 9 candles on his Lightening McQueen cake, Friday!

Mihai blowing out his 9 candles on his Lightening McQueen cake, Friday!

I do have something that I am praying will become a miracle as well… my monthly, financial support.  I just received word that one of my donors, who is quite elderly, needs to discontinue their large – monthly support.  Many of you know that in January I put up a note saying that I was praying for God to provide 9 new financial donors in ’09.  God has provided one of these already – YAY!  If 8 more of you were willing to give a monthly gift of $35 on a monthly basis, then this urgent, monthly financial need would be covered.  Please, would you prayfully consider taking part in what God is doing in Romania on a monthly basis?  Come and join the team CLICK HERE!!

Or, click on the “Finance” tab in the upper corner of this page.

Some of you have asked what I will do once Casa Alba closes down.  Much of what God has me doing here right now will remain the same.  There will be some changes, though. I am praying about these and asking God to lead me, and my leaders, into the right decision for where I should be serving once Casa Alba is “gata” (done).  I ask you to do the same.  I will still be in orphan ministry and I know that I still will be working with some of the Casa Alba children who are going to be in foster care in Marghita.  When I have discussed with my leaders and my mission organization then I’ll let you all know of any changes as well.  I would REALLY appreciate your prayers though during this process.

And, I can’t say enough about my mission organization.  If you know of anyone who is need of an amazing pastoral – care and prayer led organization – tell them to head to CTEN (Commission to Every Nation).  Sorry, just had to brag for a moment.  I have been SO BLESSED by them – especially, once again, this month.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.  I am SO thankful – SO grateful to have each and every one of you on my team here with me…even if that means a few thousand miles seperate us.

Have a wonderful end to your Easter Celebrations!



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  1. Kelsey! It was wonderful to read your update and to see everything that God is doing! Will be praying for you guys.

  2. I was thinking what was going to happen to the children once casa Alba closes and -thank you – my question is answered in part. I am sooo glad to hear that Mihai may have a home soon I am praying for him as well.
    Mical from The Vine


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