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9:08pm, Delta, Pretty Dang Proud, Jesus

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and the windows were still open in my apartment yesterday. HECK YEAH! Now, moving on to more serious topics.

In Residency Video #1 (see earlier posts) I had to climb through my tiny car window.  No, I did not hand my 4 1/2 year old son (who was already in the car) the camera to film Mommy climbing through.  I’ve had two comments so far stating regrets over having missed that event.  I’ll tell the both of you (Katy and Angie) the same.  If you want to come and visit I’d be more than happy to climb through that window about 200 hundred times just for the sake of the fact that both, or either one of you was here hanging out with me.

Delta.  Does anyone have miles on Delta that they would want to give to Kels?  I am hoping, hoping to get to my sister’s wedding at the end of July.   I’ve found a pretty good ticket, and it’s a Delta flight, but was hoping to cut the cost of it down a bit with some miles that some of you might have racked up on your credit cards?  Anyone, anyone?  I’m actually pretty serious about this…let me know ASAP if this is a possibility.

I’ve been listening to this sermon series and it has really challenged me.  I mean, really.  No, obviously, I’m not married.  But still, it challenged me.  It was free on iTunes so I just grabbed the series without checking out the subject.  I had heard a lot about this guy’s style of preaching, read a book he wrote that my Dad brought me on one of his visits…but had never listened to one of his sermons.  I am highly recommending you check this out – really.

Why did I put pretty dang proud in the post title?  That’s because I have lost 14 pounds and I am really proud of that.  Halfway there and goin’ strong.  Wait, that sounds like something from a 40th birthday party or something.  Hmmm…  Anyway, I’ve been working my butt off since the first week of January on this.  Been slow going but have seen MASSIVE changes in my endurance and energy levels.  Which, is a big thing for me because here in Marghita I am always – always on the go.  Honestly, if some of you saw just how much one of us here walked per day on average.  And, that’s just getting to and from places.  That’s not including what we’re doing once we get to where we need to be.  Basically if you live in Marghita you walk…everywhere.

Carlisle people – had a dream about all of you last night.  (Sorry, this is so random for most of you…)  I came up and we were at Bible Study.  Afterwards we went to a run down looking building that sold amazing coffee and smoothies.  Hilarious!

We celebrated Alex’s 5th birthday on Saturday.  He and Caleb came to Casa Alba within a week of each other in June 2004.  I can’t believe how much he has grown – whew.  Please pray for Alex as the leadership of FCE are right now considering where God is desiring him to be placed, hopefully, permanently.

After program today at Casa Alba one of the staff and I had a little praise session together.  Whenever you need to talk about Jesus and how good God is, you go to Chica.  She is always ready to let her heart start overflowing of Him!  We spoke about God’s faithfulness in times of trial and I’m telling you – this woman knows what it’s like to be put through the fire.  When she and I get caught up into conversation I really come to understand what it means with…when 2 or more are gathered in my name. Because, let me tell you, God’s presence is truly there as we share with each other about our Savior.  I absolutely treasure those times together with Him and her…


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  1. Kels, I am gonna be there this summer and I am seriously going to have to make you climb through that window!! I’m picturing it and cracking up 🙂


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