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Sorry for not posting more of the Residency video masterpieces. I realized, after trying a few times, that the program I’m using to upload to and then post to here only allows me 100 MB per month to upload. Once April hits, we’ll begin with round 2 of videos. I’m sure you all can barely contain yourselves as you await April 1st now…

Some highlights from the week….

We had a team from Budapest visiting and serving alongside of us. It was awesome! The team that worked with me at Casa Alba not only did amazing work with the kids but also encouraged me so much! They reminded me of the importance of continuing strong with the kids, even if CA is closing by August. They prayed over each of the kids – and the kids have never sat so still during prayer time : ) I was really moved during these times especially as the Holy Spirit spoke to me of the great importance of doing this while these kids are still under ‘my care.’ A really encouraging week…

Caleb was playing with a road sign pole when the metal road sign slid/fell down the pole onto his head. Thankfully we have nurses and a doctor on our team and I was able to get Caleb there within 5 minutes of it happening. It was a pick-him-up-and-run! Once I got Caleb into good hands I just about passed out…as usual. Go Kelsey! The thing is, I always ask the Lord to let me get Caleb to the help he needs in any accident and then I can lose it. God was faithful in this as I saw the blood running down his face and was still able to get him to our medical people without passing out. Yay! Caleb’s head is doing just fine – the cut was really small actually. Just happened to bleed a lot!

Our team had some really fantastic times of worship together while the team was here as well. I truly felt united as a Body of Christ during those times. It was like God showing me what IS possible during times of communal praise. I need to fight for that through prayer on a regular basis for our team, I think.

I spent time praying over the new CA group home that’s under rennovation. I’m not sure exactly when it will open it’s doors but I think that, from the way it looks, by the end of May it should be ready. They’ve poured the foundation for an additional room to the already standing structure. I’m still trying to figure out how they are going to fit all of those people inside. I bet it just looks smaller from the outside, you know? That’s how it always is usually!

I got a great letter in the mail as well this week from one of my friends and her son. He has picked me as a missionary to pray for. That was really cool! If any of you out there would like to do something similar with your kids, Sunday School etc… and some of the CA kids, or one of the missionaries on my team. Just let me know. You’d be surprised at how encouraging a letter or note in the mail can be!

My Aunt sent some really fun craft materials…I decided to use them to do paper bag puppets with the kids.  It was so much fun!  And, she also sent PIXI STIXS.  Of course, I had to demonstrate how to use one seeing as how the kids have never seen this type of candy before  : )

Puppet Making

Puppet Making

Caleb's Puppet in Progress

Caleb's Puppet in Progress

The Finished Puppets!

The Finished Puppets!

"How To Use A Pixi Stix" 101 : )

"How To Use A Pixi Stix" 101 : )


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