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Residency Video Part 3

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Before I let you watch the “awesome-ness” of the next part of the video, I thought I’d fill you in on the week!

Crazy Busy might be a good phrase when reflecting upon all that happened.  Actually stick that phrase to the week before.  (Why, oh why, did I type phraise both times I typed the word above?  Random.)

Basically the situation is this.  Casa Alba is closing down, right?  They are letting staff go (actually more accurately finding staff new jobs within the foundation) left and right and yet NO KIDS HAVE LEFT YET.  What does that mean?  Well, if you can put 2 and 2 together you’re probably realizing that it means that “us” (the non salaried staff) are having to cover these major gaps in the schedule.  I have been working my tail off at Casa Alba for two weeks now…it has been exhausting.  Mainly I’ve had to add cleaning shifts and helping to do the food runs as well.  The foundation I work under started their own kitchen to provide all the kids and youth under our care food each day.  We’ve paid people to do this before but it was never a good situation.  We have great food for a great price with the kitchen up and running but…the food needs to be picked up and delivered to all of the projects each day.  It took me 1 hr and 40 minutes to complete the food run the other day.  Caleb was not happy about having to ride in the car and do nothing while Mom climbed in and out, in and out, in and out delivering the meals to everyone : )

Anyhow, I’ve added all of this ‘extra’ stuff to my already full schedule.  It’s just not working out well – if I’m honest.  Because I’m not able to switch anything I’ve just piled it on top.  Which means that other stuff has been pushed to the side, really important stuff, so that I can help out with the urgent needs at Casa Alba.  It’s a win – lose situation.   Last night I really had to rethink everything…ugghhh.  Hard decisions to make!

And, I want to get my freakin’ update out.  Gosh I have been working on it almost every spare minute (which have been hard to come by lately) and it’s still not done.  It’s a 3 pager so hopefully it’s worth the wait everyone!  I’m hoping to get it e-mailed out tomorrow.

I signed up to cook for my team on Tuesday (we all have to sign up once a week to do so) and was so pumped to find out it’ll be St. Patrick’s Day!  I love excuses to go all out when cooking for my team.  I ate my lunch really fast yesterday and then jumped on a computer to scour Irish recipes and print them off.  I’m totally going to make some disgustingly colored green dessert (which’ll taste good if you can get over the color!)  I can’t wait.  The Swedes don’t even know what St. Patrick’s Day is…I guess they’ll figure it out pretty quickly when they show up with no green on and get pinched!

I burnt my arm as well this week and in doing so dropped a cookie sheet full of nice UP Pasties.    Grrrr.  Madelen, who I was cooking with, declared that the floor was clean enough and we “replated” (doesn’t that sound nice) the fallen ones.   I like Madelen!  (Thank you Helena for volunteering yourself to eat one of the “replated” ones!)


Thank You Jesus…I was thinking You might have forgotten about that aspect of Your creation.  We miss seeing it around here sometimes You know!

Alright, Residency Video Part 3.  For the 2 faithful viewers of the series…

View this montage created at One True Media
Residency Video Part 3


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  1. I loved watching the videos… a day in the life… granted the day didn’t go as planned, but it is fun to see you. Watching you drive down that road reminded me of when we were driving to Ann Arbor senior year to get a Fiddler present for Donna. I look in my rearview mirror and there goes Kelsey off the road into the field! HA! And then before I could worry about you back on the road you come laughing your butt off! LOVELY! Love you hun!

  2. Seriously, next time you’re back here, drive down Vicary. You’ll feel like you’re back in Romania. And instead of patching it, they just put up signs this week that say “rough pavement.” Nice.

    Also, video taping while driving is DANGEROUS.


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