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Residency Video Part 1

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So – this all happened, along with the post below, a few weeks ago.  February 19th to be exact…

Although I started off the day totally confident that I was going to get residency, I soon found out it was going to be very different.  Well, maybe not found out it would be different soon but found that it wouldn’t be a smooth sailing day as I had hoped.  And then to top the day off I found out I wouldn’t, in fact, be able to apply for almost another year.  Aaaghghgh!

Okay, regardless, I filmed the entire day.  I thought that it would be fun for all of you to see what going through a process like this would be like here.  True, when deciding to film myself through the day I completely thought I would be able to apply for the residency.  After everything going downhill I decided not to post any of it.  Since a few weeks have passed now I have thought more about it and have decided that it might be interesting for you all to have a look-see anyhow.  So, if you’re up for it, I’ll post a clip everyday for the next week or so.  Cool?  Sorry if you think it’s lame.  That’s just life with Kelsey I guess.  Good thing Jesus loves me regardless. : )

So, here’s the video part 1.  It’s about 8:50am and me and Caleb have been standing outside my car for a half hour at this point trying to get a door or at least something open so we can leave!  Click below and enjoy…or something along those lines…ha!  Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Part 2.

View this montage created at One True Media
Residency Video Part 1

PS.  I said I had a hatchback.  I do in fact NOT have  one.  Cut me some slack, okay?  I think I just slipped up and forgot that my car wasn’t the Acura for a moment.  True, I haven’t driven the Acura – nor seen it – in about 6 years.  Still though, I can use it as an excuse…right?


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  1. you totally should have filmed you getting in the window, i would have enjoyed that 🙂


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