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Our Poor Little Car…

“Isn’t feeling well.” According to Caleb, that is. Within an hour’s time this evening all of the snow and ice from the past month slid off from our apartment building’s roof and onto our car. I had no plans of heading outside tonight again so I was really thankful that one of my neighbors came to tell me. When I ventured out to check the damage myself I found a completely broken sunroof and an inside out hood.  It looked like an elephant had sat on it! The windshield wipers were pushed off from their nesting spot next to the windshield into random directions off from the windshield. A black something or other had also been torn off and was handing funny off from the grill.
I called my boss and he was over within about 45 min. along with the guy who does all of our business with the police. I was so grateful that they were able to come so quickly and willingly! After all it was almost 8pm by the time they came.
I drove the car over to the police station and they registered the damage for today’s date. I’ll head there Monday morning to do the full report and then take the report to the insurance agency. Angie and Andy – just so you know – thanks to your hard work in pulling people together to cover my insurance for this year…yeah, my car will be (as of now at least) fixed for no out of pocket cost for me. I love how God provides ahead of time…
And, I didn’t even think about it until now but I am even more grateful that Caleb or I, or any other human being, wasn’t there when it slid off from 5 stories up. Know what I mean?
Still though…it was a little stressful trying to work all of this out right when Caleb should have been put to bed. Oh well, I guess a trip to the police station instead of bed is pretty much a better deal for a 4 1/2 year old!


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