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Where the heck are you?

And the answer would be – not in Marghita.
As I mentioned awhile ago this was the week that I am in Scotland. And, today, I am actually in Carlisle, England. I’m visiting the team that came in August. We did VBS type camps with the kids of Casa Alba orphanage and at the Borumlaca gypsy camp. Ringing any bells? Sorry for how quiet this blog has been. Just wanted to explain why quickly. I’ll be posting some pictures from the trip once I get home and settled tomorrow night. Oh gosh, I can’t wait to see Caleb!
I will have to say, though, that this has been an absolutely amazing time away. And not just a time away but a time away towards God. I have felt His presence in so many ways over the past few days. How thankful I am for that…
Had an amazing time at church on Sunday with my good friends (and their good friends) and with their small group Bible study last night. I just love Jesus. I think that’s pretty much it.
Have really enjoyed today as well so far. Catching up with those that from the team in August….I’ve really missed them!
Do you know what’s cool? They have this massive castle right in the middle of their town. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana…(all the places where I grew up)…I’m sorry to say but you had/have no castles. : )


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