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Relay Race Arrives!

Alrighty, I’ve finally gotten it put together.  Check out the Relay Race that I came up with for the Casa Alba kids last Saturday!

A couple of things to know before clicking on the link below to watch…

1. It was Girls vs. Boys but the boys were short one.  Dorin came over to help the girls.  Yet, when they started shouting to each other “Boys win, boys win! Girls win, girls win” Dorin shouted with the boys.  This upset Daniela and you’ll notice that during this particular section there is one girl trying to talk to me above the shouting.  That would be her telling me that it wasn’t fair that Dorin was shouting with the boys when he was technically on the girls team for this relay race.  Hilarious!

2.  Here’s the order of the relay…

*Get dressed in awful green, huge shirt.

*Do 10 jumping jacks.

*Sing the meal time prayer song.

*Throw 4 different items into a shoebox.

*Eat 5 crackers.

*Drink a cup of juice.

*Run backwards to the start.

Now that you have all of the info – click on the link below and enjoy!!

View this montage created at One True Media

Casa Alba Kids Relay Race!


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