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I was clearly in the wrong…

When I first dissed this guy. Actually I dissed his name. Someone asked me in August if I had ever heard of “Phil Wickham.” Since the team was from England I kind of made a joke about how English the name sounded and who the heck was Phil Wickham and how the heck would or should I know him? (And, I’d just like to add here, how in the world would I know whether or not a name sounds English or not.?) They went on…he’s a worship leader, he’s my friend, he’s from the States, thought you might have heard of him so on and so on. (Something like that – can’t exactly recall the conversation.) Well during the time the team was here they played a CD they had of his. Secretly I got hooked to this one song they seemed to have on repeat a lot. But, I couldn’t let them know that I actually liked the song. I mean, c’mon, I dissed him Day 1. You know? Hopefully, since I haven’t been posting to this blog so often lately, some of those team members will have forgotten to check this blog and still never find out the whole truth.

The truth continues… I searched for him on iTunes. I know. Although I honestly and completely didn’t expect him to have anything there. Afterall he was just “a friend of _________” and let’s be honest. There are about 5 million male worship leaders in the States who have put together a little record. Just because this team had an album didn’t mean he had reached iTunes. But, there he was. iTunes. Not just 1 album, but more than 1 album. Dang it. There was nothing stopping me now. I really, really wanted to have that song I had heard. There was no way I could ask the team for it because then they would know that I actually liked his music. I couldn’t remember the song exactly so I was going to have to buy the entire album. To make it a little more worthwhile I set a personal goal and once I reached it I would allow myself to buy it…but just for that “one song.” I reached that goal last week and finally bought this guy’s first album.

This is all I have to say after listening to it pretty much 24/7 since getting it. I, Kelsey Corrina Winters, swear to never ever ever ever judge someone’s name as “sounding English” ever again. Seriously. I’m going to be really honest here. This guy brings a musical style to worship that is so lacking in Christian music. And, it’s good. Really good. Just speaking from hello dorky Kelsey went to music school point of view. I’m serious – he’s really talented. And his voice is so unique as well. That is awesome  to hear. Not that he was the one who decided what his voice would sound like but…you know. Now, to put this in a Jesus perspective. Right. The words that God pours through this guy’s songs…the music He led him to put to it…all of it….it has cracked open a part of my soul that I didn’t know needed to be laid bare before God. You and Jesus need some time together? Put this album on and be on your face for awhile. It was like streams of water for me today…

I found his website earlier tonight if you want to check that out instead… I think I’m ready now to deal with the consequences from the team. Maybe it’s good that I got this out in the open before I see them in a week and a half. I’m not going to try and save face – just going to be honest. I more than like the music. There – it’s out!

How am I going to see the team from England in a week and a half? Let’s just say that when a $33 roundtrip plane ticket shows up you just buy it. Actually ended up being $46 when I checked my bank account. Not sure how that happened but still $46 roundtrip. Are you freakin’ kidding me? I’ll fly from Budapest up to Glasgow and stay with really close friends there. After spending some much needed time with them, and hopefully some me & God in the beautiful hills alone time, I’ll head down to Carlisle, England to visit the team. (It’s just a little over an hour by train from Glasgow to them.) I’ve been trying to save up for a trip to visit my friends in Glasgow for a year and a half…just haven’t been able to pull enough together. God has been so incredibly provisional. All my bills are being paid each month. My rent is paid each month. Caleb and I have food each month. But putting anything aside for Scotland just doesn’t work. And, that’s okay! I had been praying though, since September, that God could somehow make a trip work this year. The only tickets I had found were at least $120 roundtrip – a no go for Kels financially. Then one of the cheapy airlines 2 weeks ago had a 2 day sale with these roundtrip tickets in February and March. “For fun” I decided to check out some dates and ended up buying one. I had been able to put aside the amount for the ticket over these past months so I definitely had peace that God had prepared this ticket for me to go. Hard, as usual, that Caleb can’t come. Ugghh. I just miss my son so much when I’m away from him – and I know he has such a hard time without Mom. Thankfully though, he’ll stay with my good friend and her son (Caleb and him are like brothers) while I’m gone. I’ll be returning the favor for her when she takes a week break at the end of April and her son will stay with us!


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  1. you made the move too! blogger to wordpress is a good change, though i felt like a traitor a little bit at first.. oh well.
    i am so excited to see you in glasgow soon!! enjoy the wickham magic!
    see you soon friend! suzx


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