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When stuck, just give up and find something else!

Right – O. Welcome to Kels’ attempt at making a “cooler blog.”

For some reason I heard Adam Sandler’s voice going “It’s cool to pee your pants” when I wrote the word “cool” above.  Man, that was a sidetrack…seriously.

Back onto subject…

I was having issues (hold your comments please), specifically, with changing around my blogspot blog.  I’ve switched to this one now and am happy with how everything looks and works…much easier than blogspot.

So to head to my old blog and read older posts :

If you’re through with the older posts then just stick to this one from now on.

By the way, we are getting dumped with snow.  I mean seriously dumped with snow.  48 hours straight of snow so far.   It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and during the week as well.  If my freakin’ camera battery had been charged earlier today I would have some fun pictures to post.  Unfortunately it wasn’t so I have nothing to show for it…sorry!

I am, though, working on a very fun short video – picture deal from the Casa Alba orphanage kids’ time at the Club 2 Saturdays ago.  I really love leading this time with the kids.  We do crazy games and then some crazy worship – it’s awesome!  I took tons of pictures and videos during the relay race so you could get a feel for how it was to be there.  Hopefully will be able to get tht posted soon!


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